Homework help won 60 million dollars B round of financing capital Wo Xiang Jiyuan capital co LED

September 23rd news today, K12 education for the company to take photographs search problem homework help announced the completion of the B round of financing, totaling $60 million. The current round of investment by Jiyuan capital (GGV Capital) and Xiang Wo capital lead investor, with Sequoia Jun and all early investors with investment.

in August 18th of this year, the operation to help separate from Baidu announced, and access to the A round of financing from Sequoia Capital, Jun joint venture capital investment, valuation of $100 million.

is one of the earliest work for attention and engaged in K12 work eliminating application of education technology companies, products on-line in January 2014. According to the official disclosure, after 2 years of development, the total work to help the number of active users has exceeded 175 million, the business scope covers photographed search questions and in answering questions, live courses, practice teaching, synchronous learning and testing, training and assessment of the various links.

help CEO Hou Jianbin said, K12 is a typical word of mouth, mouth leading market position from the user. Over the past two years, we always adhere to the investment in technology, teaching content and user experience and polished, which we have accumulated an excellent user reputation and stickiness. We will continue to focus on products and content, and continuously improve the quality of service, which is our long-term strategy."

at the same time, the work will help strengthen the team building, to absorb and train more excellent education and Internet talent, accelerate the launch process of one to one Q & A, live classes and other educational services.

camera title search field has been fierce competition, including the ape exam under the title search, Curve Wrecker Jun 2005, learning treasure and so on are involved in this field, however, such as Curve Wrecker Jun has begun to shift the direction of camera answering.

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