17 billion 700 million lesson the truth behind the failure of the financing of the 192 companies th

these lessons worth 11 billion 700 million, whether you are a listed company, or investors, do not commit oh

a happy company is always like one another, and an unhappy one is unhappy in its own way.

according to the data read three new board research center, from January 1, 2015 to February 29, 2016, a total of 223 new board of the total increase of 192 companies were suspended, the total financing of up to $17 billion 741 million.

set by the suspension, there are two main situations: the suspension of the company or the Commission suspended, which the number of times the company suspended for 210 times, involving a total of 183 companies, the Commission suspended the number of times for the 13, involving the company’s 11.

specifically, in seven cases, the increase will be suspended. This is the origin of this paper read Jun to share with you, is set by the truth of the 6 dreams.

1, the market fell so much, God can not help you

typical companies: Hua Sheng Holdings (430686.OC)

two market share price collapse, was forced to give up. The tragedy of the company’s non Huasheng Holdings (430686.OC) is.

March 13, 2015, Hua Sheng holdings agreement to make the market, this time is the most exciting new three board market.

11 days later, that is, March 24th, Hua Sheng holdings intends to issue $4.5 per share of $12 million to raise $54 million.

April 3rd, the company’s share price closed at 11.96 yuan, the next day, the highest price rushed to $14.55. Everything looks so good,


however, it doesn’t have any eggs!

crash way, their eggs are broken.

after April 3rd, the share price has Yindie, even without a decent rebound. As of February 29, 2016, the company’s share price closed at 1.96 yuan, compared to the closing price of 11.96 yuan, just only a fraction. Correspondingly, its share price fell 83.61%, even if the issue price of $4.5 compared to a decline of up to 56.44%.

two market share price than the fixed price increase so much, do you think there will be an increase in the number of investors to participate in it?

2, but also to participate in the employee stock ownership platform set by OUT

The typical

company: hbsx (430494.OC


September 11, 2015, hbsx the implementation of equity incentive plan, executives directly from the natural person holding, other staff incentive to set up a limited partnership in shareholding.

but two months after the policy, only to subscribe for shares for the purpose of setting up the corporate, partnership and holding platform shall not participate in the non listed public company shares issued.

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