Do not do B2B marketing in social media

we all know that social media plays a vital role in communicating and building relationships with potential customers and customers. In addition to B2C marketing, social media marketing in the B2B also has a role can not be ignored.

B2B marketing in social media allows companies to contact potential customers or partners, so that the first contact becomes more valuable. We all know that the customer’s first impression of the enterprise is very important, for this, I listed in the social media for B2B marketing, need to pay attention to a few places, I hope these points can help you.

NO1. rational choice social platform:

choose micro-blog as the main platform for your B2B marketing, which seems to be a good choice. But it is also possible that this is the case, you are in contact with customers do not use micro-blog. Before you take action, check the time of the last update of your account and whether or not you have interacted with others. Because some companies use social networking platforms to distribute information, rather than seek interaction.

NO2. has a close approach to Target Corp:

in B2B marketing, as with most marketing, in speaking out the relevant marketing words, spend time with the target customer to establish contact is very important. When it comes to building a connection, you can forward a number of customers issued micro-blog posts, you can also share some of the company’s dynamic. The purpose of this is to allow enterprises to gradually become familiar with the customer. In this way, when you convey your purpose, the customer will not be objectionable. Good luck, customers will turn the initiative to approach you, to explore what your business can give them what kind of help.

if the company in recent months has not been updated news or reply comments, it may mean that the company you want to contact in the social media platform of the activity is not high, so you try to contact this company is just a waste of time on such a platform.

NO3. don’t turn into a stalker:

when you don’t get any reply when appropriate follow up is harmless, but be careful, don’t

overdo it and make people think you’re a very special person. The age of the Internet, you will be a panoramic view of every act and every move, if you keep at the same company, again and again and no response, will only give others a pathetic impression. In fact, encountered such a few times do not respond to the situation, to some extent, has been regarded as an answer: that your potential target customers do not catch cold.

NO4. do not send the same message to different customers:

you may be faced with the same type of Target Corp, so the content is roughly the same, but even so, you should not be the same information sent to different customers. Why, because if you use social networking like micro-blog

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