From the site of hundreds of thousands of P to start from zero

see the title, everyone thought I was fooled, I’m not fooled, really, I gave up hundreds of thousands of IP sites.

I am engaged in Wangzhuan has been 4 years, these years I experienced a lot, there is also low tide, from the boss of the company to be a vagrant, from month to month to earn a few hundred earn tens of thousands of yuan, is really a long play.

I graduated from university 04 years, engaged in network programming, Xiaodaxiaonao, but this year the most money, the competition is not too excited, you have a technical course, money is a very easy thing.

06 years to start his own business, the company is not a few people, engaged in site development business, have a lot of business every day, every day from morning till night awfully, at least a company of his own.

07 years of dismal business, may be my own management is not good, resulting in closed, I fell into the trough, and my partner relationship is also a problem. At that time really want to hit the wall.

company closed, I became a vagrant, going to rest for a few months to do it again. In the meantime, there is nothing to do, there is the idea of the operation of the site, there is a really good thing about technology, do a website, collect data, submitted to Baidu, 2 days on the collection, a month on the IP thousands of. At that time, Baidu pull traffic is very easy to do things.


07 years to do what most profitable advertising? Of course is to do GG Adsense when cheating is easy to get the money, cheat at that time, now is an idiot, but that time a month thousands of knife is also small, now we all know, English network station Chinese flow into. At the beginning of 07, this method can get the basic money, but from 07 to 3, after April, this method is not working, because too many people do, causing the attention of advertising. But if a GG account to earn $1200, you can also get the money, GG is not a recommendation to register the registration of incentives to do it when you recommend the webmaster to do $100 after you can reward 250 yuan. In fact, this is a big loophole in GG, is the vulnerability of GG gave me a chance to make a lot of money, free to send you $100, just need to provide your address and name, I do this ad. Others to provide the name and address to me, I help him register GG, registered as their downline, and then do an English website, import traffic, earn 100 yuan on the withdrawal, we think about how much can earn it. There is also a very good money project firefox. It’s not clear here. Only pornographic door to bring me a few hundred dollars a day income.

08 years after

, Firefox and GG to cancel the promotion reward, we embedded a month earn hundreds of yuan income, rely on a few websites on the Chinese advertising to make money. In March I found this project on the Internet forced video unintentionally, when people do not a few, I immediately found that this is a good way of viral promotion, crazy growth flow, a month.

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