Zhang Wenlei BB machine network marketing essential weapon

Like a raging fire

now many enterprise network marketing, development goes through several stages so the process, at the beginning of network marketing personnel registered every day a large number of industry website platform to release the company’s product information release of the target audience more, see more, will be interested in the product, through online customer service. Or QQ, Wangwang, MSN and so on tools to contact the company, finally reaching a deal. The whole process looks simple and there are no tricks. However, if we really want to do is actually very difficult, Internet marketers know that your product information ranked higher, every day on the login website retransmission, is a waste of time. When a customer inquiry, often due to QQ, Wangwang, MSN and other tools too much and missed the best opportunity to exchange, networking opportunities but transient, a second late clients may be lost forever. In the face of these are not great but to solve the key problem how to better? China businessman recently launched a "BB machine" instant communication tool for network marketing personnel to better solve these problems. The following brief introduction to several prominent features, hoping to bring more convenience to the majority of network marketing staff.

1 re establishing business seriousness. As everyone knows, QQ entertainment has stronger, "BB machine" designed for service to business practices, and business is serious, here although friends like QQ in that widely, but some are located within the industry company of friends, you can contact each other all friends, not a single member build the group, preventing a lot of advertising information, so as to get more business information. And each member is to appear in the name of the company, greatly reducing the factors of dishonesty.

2 software directly log on to the website background release product information. The function of the instant messaging software and industry website is fully integrated, released every day as long as retransmission log BB machine can carry out the product information at any time and information, to avoid a large number of login website background, save a lot of time, but also at any time online anytime, exchange and dissemination of information at the same time.

3 online customer service system. Through the BB machine released each product information with an online customer service button, if the customer is interested can be directly obtained by this button and contact the company, through the BB machine can immediately grasp the visitors can timely communicate, do not miss any opportunities.

From the above several

BB function introduced is not difficult to see that this software highlights the simple and practical characteristics, each function is based on the real needs of the enterprise development, to send these Wangwang, business class instant messaging software, application of more extensive, use more simple. Welcome interested friends to experience.

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