The first domestic listed European online travel website for visitors


easy travel network from now on to stop accepting foreign booking business. Domestic ticket back to change, international air ticket back to change, the domestic business is being adjusted, the specific time has not yet announced." Yesterday, the first domestic enterprise core in Europe China’s listed tourism companies in the travel website suddenly appeared such a suspension notice".

is another reason to suspend business?

according to the reporter, at present, China’s three major sections, one is the swim team, led by gztc; one is responsible for the online travel, travel; one is travel management, is responsible for travel. Temporary curtain travel, means that China’s current shareholding enterprises — only gztc travel business team.

parent company of China Travel relevant responsible person in an interview with this reporter yesterday said in the official business, travel tickets and hotel bookings compared with last year also in the same incremental level, "I personally think, reason not to suspend business travel market, but otherwise." But the official did not disclose any "secrets", she just said on Friday there will be an official statement.


and travel relevant person in an interview with this reporter yesterday, the suspension of all air tickets and hotel booking business from now on, mainly for travel, the parent company of China’s business as usual."


parent company of China "half collapsed days"

began in February 2009, China for its integration of business, online travel by travel, team travel to share enterprise — gztc care, travel management turns out to be in China, but also to the gztc, incorporated into gztc taikehubu. This means that China travel after the acquisition, the core business of online travel is responsible for travel. Now travel to suspend business in China is equal to "collapse of the sky".

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wide travel control stake in the dispute came to an end

last year, China announced that it has held since gztc more than 50% of the shares, to China and the group of South of the Five Ridges outbreak gztc equity battle. South of the Five Ridges Group official said privately told reporters, gztc has always been south of the Five Ridges’s holding group travel agency, China is only belong to guangzhilv shareholding enterprises.

"now, gztc at the end of the audit report will not give us," insisted with gztc controlling eclink the responsible person said helplessly, "said gztc audit report only to the south of the Five Ridges review group." The reporter learned from the private channels, the relevant formalities for the south of the Five Ridges group is gztc equity at present, "said South of the Five Ridges group only held Netcom’s gztc 28% stake and other equity does not.

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