ndependent buy navigation Nuggets difficult to find another new model of O2O development

September 1st news, buy too messy, buy navigation do not long, the other side of the table Chen Huachangshu breath. Cruel dispatch net founder Chen Hua left after the first Alibaba responsible for the dispatch, the whole network search project, after the Amoy network business. Just three months ago, Chen Hua is still eager to group purchase navigation.

coincidentally, the same group purchase project and give up polymerization of innovation works of Xu Lei. Once buy polymerization site 2000 group, has accumulated hundreds of thousands of users.

now, Chen Hua and Xu Lei are focusing on the coupon O2O, although the two sides do different.

abandoned buy navigation

in May of this year, leaving the entrepreneurial Chen Hua will be locked in the project to buy navigation, not long ago, the most Amoy network launched the most popular mobile app housekeeper.

at first, Chen Hua’s judgment is to buy, China’s consumer market, buy site has enough room for production. On the other hand, buy prepaid mode is also easy to control the entire transaction platform to the intermediate process.

most of the group began to buy Butler start from the tool based product design, you can automatically find the purchase of information and automatic backup, but also automatically remind the user to deal with the upcoming expiration of the group. The Amoy Butler group purchase after the launch, in the absence of excessive promotion, the user scale of several thousand people, not over 100 thousand. But in less than 2 months, Chen Hua gave up the project, no longer based on the product update, optimization.

reason is that originally wanted to buy data with the major docking site, the user’s single transaction process for data monitoring, but the site has said that the group does not have more technical capacity and energy. Chen Hua want to achieve is that a single user, the single is how much money is delivered at what time?. But buy site feedback said, to complete such a technology docking requires at least 3 months of the process. And each buy site requires 3 months, the pursuit of rapid change in the mobile Internet entrepreneurs, it is difficult to wait.

If you do not

to the monitoring data of the user transaction process, then the third party of the group purchase polymerization is missing the ability to control, because of the Amoy and no more users accumulate a pure user import tool, Chen Hua feel his strength is not enough, also reluctantly, after all this is contrary to the original intention.

In addition, this year’s domestic

industry is indeed enough chaos. The industrial structure has not formed, a large group of eating small group, the U.S. group, including handle, Wowo, glutinous rice and other industry heavyweights have said at the end of this year, only 5 nationwide group purchase, in this case, your group purchase is the platform for the third party group purchase will be relying on the extent of polymerization of


moreover, the current money to buy is a particularly small local station, there is no national value of the scale, but the country’s top ten buy site are losing money, the monthly loss of more than 2000-3000 million mission

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