Tencent in the first half of the day to earn 100 million WeChat contributed

Tencent yesterday released 2016 Q2 earnings report, Tencent revenue in the first quarter of this year, the second quarter was $35 billion 691 million, an increase of 52% over last year. Net profit of 11 billion 319 million yuan, an increase of 42%.

and if you look back on the results of the first half of 2016, Tencent’s net profit reached 19 billion 920 million yuan, an average of more than $100 million a day earned.

it is worth noting that the combination of WeChat and WeChat more active users has reached 806 million, which is the first time WeChat users exceeded 800 million. The growth of WeChat users has also become an important driving force for Tencent revenue growth.


WeChat is still in decline fast, QQ


and WeChat active users 34% growth compared with QQ active users last quarter grew by only 2.5%, QQ monthly active users was 1% lower than the year earlier, and the highest QQ users online at the same time and fee growth service accounts fell. Although the more active users of QQ reached 899 million, but has exceeded the active users of WeChat is bound to catch up with a higher growth rate of QQ.

met the growth ceiling QQ is constantly looking for a breakthrough, such as the launch of its new QQ live and for educational institutions and open education online QQ group, added AR QQ in its recent chat window, in the QQ IM tool add a variety of fresh play obviously is to keep young users, but in the face of WeChat’s strong the momentum, QQ still can not stop the churn trend.


WeChat has become a new money making machine

interesting is that the growth of WeChat users has become an important driving force for Tencent revenue growth.

second quarter revenue growth of Tencent value-added services revenue increased by 39% to $25 billion 680 million, online game revenue grew by 32% to $17 billion 124 million. In this, the smart phone game revenue growth of 114% to $9 billion 600 million, accounting for 56% of total gaming revenue, as well as Tencent’s total revenue of 27%;

addition to social networking value-added services revenue increased by 57% to $8 billion 556 million, online advertising revenue grew by 60% to $6 billion 532 million. Among them, the effect of advertising revenue from WeChat circle of friends, WeChat public platform and news client display advertising on the growth of 80% to $3 billion 697 million.

Tencent also for the first time disclosed its payment services and cloud services growth data, earnings report >

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