Today received the notice of Chibi

is exactly 4, received a request to remove the film "Chibi" online watch, download link and notice, but I’m not used to login every day, so today to see the notice reads as follows:

asked to delete the movie "Chibi" online watch, download and link notification

your site without the movie "Chibi" copyright China Film Group Corp authorized to provide online video playback, the download link or unauthorized: 1216289724, the requirement of your website deleted within 2 hours all the above infringement of Internet content, or shielding the movie search.

The fact of infringement

Division I have on your site without the permission of the rights through the information network to the movie "Chibi" spread of evidence is fixed, if your site is not responsible person to delete or disconnect the link to web content infringement measures, we will resort to the law, legal responsibilities shall be investigated through your website legal means.

anyone to download the film is illegal, will also be held accountable for the corresponding legal responsibility.

if you have any questions, please contact 0592-3912285 or 3698732, email: [email protected]

network technology (Xiamen) Co., Ltd. zixon




contact name:






your list in 2008-08-04, will complete the return receipt or reply to email [email protected]


also comes with the rights file "






I went online to check the next network which, they are dedicated to do digital intellectual property protection, "Curse of the Golden Flower" and they help to do network rights.

we do grassroots stand who can not afford to offend, but others can not offend us for no reason. But so much evidence, in order to be careful to delete the download link. Do not know if there is no

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