Yao Jinbo how to become the number one entrepreneur owners circle

Yao is a domain name in the merchant, was that "a place of antique and different approaches but equally satisfactory results" investment field, he shows a sense of smell and endurance. Master Wang Cai Wensheng said, "2000 forum eachnic.com find domain name domain name, is the founder of Yao Jinbo, later sold million net is now the domain name city, find a feeling of organization. China’s most successful investment domain names are easy to start from the domain."

now it seems that his metamorphosis also started at this moment. The domain name God Yao Jinbo officially contacted more dreams. In 2001, are employed in the China nets of Yao Jinbo, Jin Xin, Li Rubin three joint venture, is the predecessor of science education. Yao Jinbo told the entrepreneur, we know that even a tutor can also be listed, tutoring this service is particularly small, but you make it into 100 stores, it is a lot of income." That year, Dai Zhikang has not yet established Lai Lin Feng ylmf, just to poor students entrepreneurship.

2005 Yao Jinbo left office in Chinese nets vice president, Pang Shengdong never stayed at a scale of enterprise. The same year, Yao Jinbo also left the science education, science education, early to initial success, but also because Yao Jinbo has accumulated some management skills, "I understand the point of IT, I know how to store management chaos, the management of chaos." Before you go to Li Rubin and Jin Xin each point Yao Jinbo shares, "excellent chemical ownership structure" large, indicating that he knew to share and give. Yao wants to do classified information website site has financial freedom, Cai Wensheng said, "Yao Jinbo is running to go".

he accumulated management experience, founder mentality is not able to have other webmaster. Lai Linfeng and Dai Zhikang are 80, they missed the mainstream of the Internet wave Born Under A Bad Sign. Pang Shengdong was born in 1977, age appropriate, but the growth of strong thinking in the business of Ningbo, Taizhou, which makes him afraid of fear of management strategy and product management. Gao Chunhui was born in 1975, Yao Jinbo was born in 1976 than a year older, high indeed was the first person China personal webmaster, but he is graduated from high school, grassroots geek color is too strong, so he always removed in a narrow field. While yaojinbo go smoothly, by businessmen to executives to co-founder to 2005 the city was founded 58, a step by step.

but not every 1976 university graduates can be engaged in the Internet, in 2013 takes stock of the unfavorable situation is not the end of the case, make a contrarian rise, market capitalization of more than $2 billion in 58 city. Yao Jinbo also met with self-confidence, anxiety, cowardice.

Yao "entrepreneurs" to describe the 2005-2009 of their own state of mind, "I’m not sure I was personal webmaster, ability can not keep up with the development of the company, also don’t know what I do every day is not the right decision, always can’t help to do some products, technically more details, that is I am good at. The first 4 years of the company is pulling people away."

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