Tencent 40 million strategic investment ape counseling why K12 bet in the field of education

Abstract: This is defined by Li Yong as "APE + +" product ape counseling, is the company’s main source of income.


[] Jiayin / Ti media integrated tutoring company (formerly known as ape ape exam company) today (31) announced that the Tencent Inc invested $40 million, and said this is the largest Tencent in the field of online education K12 a strategic investment. Prior to the monkey counseling company has completed the four round of financing, the valuation was $360 million.

The company formerly known as

ape ape exam counseling company, founded in April 2012, belongs to Beijing science and Technology Co., Ltd. in the rain. The company split out of the main occupation education exam chalk, the main existing online education K12 three products, ape exam, 2005, counseling ape search questions. Although try to charge (see Ti media previously reported), but the effect is not ideal (see titanium media previously reported), "the ape exam" and "2005 title search on mobile phone resources, all the exercises exercise exercises and knowledge assessment and other services are provided free of charge to the user of the students. In June 2015, the company launched a live online counseling platform ape counseling, which is defined by Li Yong as ape exam + product, the company’s main source of income.

the name of the company from the ape exam library to ape counseling, ape counseling, said the company did not split. The change or a sign that the company will focus its business focus on its commercial business ape guidance.

ape counseling online tutoring model has also been controversial. In March this year, an article entitled "1 hour online teachers million yuan income supernettting red" reported that a high school physics teacher in "the ape counseling platform part-time. Nanjing City Bureau of education official said, Nanjing City Board of education has issued "on the prohibition of middle and primary school teachers engaged in paid tutoring provisions", although the "online counseling" is a new thing is not included, but should belong to "outside the society to run schools and vocational subjects engaged in teaching, tutoring and culture get a reward, so is prohibited.

this, ape counseling responded that, although the majority of teachers on the ape counseling platform for non public school teachers, does not belong to the Department of education banned groups. From the point of view of the pursuit of fair education, we still suggest that more teachers can participate in online teaching, whether it is a public school or the market mechanism of teachers. Understand the conflict caused by the technological progress and change the original management system, but it is the Internet has broken the time and space constraints, make excellent teachers and teaching resources of the energy is hugely magnified, "let every child enjoy equal educational opportunities for common words of this government work report will have the opportunity to realize.

guidance has accumulated ape, ape exam students answer a total of more than 3 billion; the number of small search questions more than 85 million users, over the past year to provide up to 6 billion times the number of camera answering > ape;

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