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a lot of people to do a review of the 2007 IT industry, I want to do a summary at the end of November, the total time, watching every kind of 07 years are summarized in the end, inevitably some heart, even to 08, I was going to make a summary of 07 years. Of course, can not be too similar to others, I recalled the title of 2007 is the ten key words of the year

2007 one of the keywords "more": diversified

diversification strategy is a development strategy that enterprises at the same time operating more than two kinds of basic economic use the same product or service.

Baidu: no longer focus on

two years ago, a couple of 70 years later, when Baidu went public, he wrote a Book: "Baidu – so focused.". Preface bokee.com Fang Xingdong is. Baidu listed, open the Internet era of China, Fang Xingdong wrote in the preface, and for the first time, China in the future for the industry to trigger a global effect. It can be said that China is really on the rise! "

Fang Xingdong is right in 05 years, people only see that the Baidu, after 06 years of silence after 07 years, a large number of online gaming companies and e-commerce website of Alibaba listed, so that 07 years of the Internet Triumphant news keeps pouring in. But we’ll go to the reading topic, but has been Baidu’s focus The name falls short of the reality., Baidu is so focused on?


two years later, Baidu is not focused, and Baidu’s appetite is growing. Since listing, Baidu has not satisfied with the simple search services. Baidu, Baidu, Baidu Encyclopedia Post Bar these channels is the classic community products, Baidu to bring huge traffic, more important is that these channels require users to log in, increase the viscosity of the user in the invisible. These products together with Baidu space to become the most classic WEB2.0 products.

September, Baidu financial channel and Olympic Games channel, the channel line let people feel the search portal Baidu is hit, while Baidu cold and white interface, has become rich and colorful, single search box is replaced by a nearly ten channel home screen. More and more like the portal Baidu is slowly transformed from a technology company to become a media company, Baidu’s media brand is also set up.

of course, this is just the beginning, the new product About Baidu the rumors always stopped: "Baidu IM" Baidu C2C "and so on, which has become the focus of people; the Japanese market, European market, Baidu overseas market expansion has also been concern for people.

a variety of products, multiple channels, a variety of forms, multiple identities, multi attack, Baidu is no longer focused, and become a diversified development of Internet Co.

Tencent: Internet powered by

If there is no strong

Baidu search technology, difficult in many areas of attack, the fact that Baidu in >

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