Huang Wei enterprise B2C four step localization method to accelerate the steps of profitable website

a few days ago to see the news, B2C Xu Jinglei and VANCL, around some friends one after another with the resources downloaded from the Internet ECSHOP and some B2C shop procedures, opened the B2C mall. Taobao also wantonly in CCTV for his Taobao mall to do promotion, a friend told me a few days ago in Anhui, a large IT enterprises are involved in the field of B2C do B2C site vertical portal of the home appliance industry, so there have been around the web site operators do the friend told me that B2C’s era, no matter what kind of B2C the website his ultimate purpose is profit, then your B2C website for earnings are ready for


a.B2C website product positioning

if you now know that a company’s B2C website is guaranteed to buy regular products, good quality and low prices, you are currently in need, you will not buy? I believe the vast majority of people will go to buy. Obviously B2C website profit core is the customer needs. Followed by product quality and product prices. Customer needs, not I can decide. So the first thing you need to consider is the product. If you are operating a large enterprise B2C portal site, the first consideration is the price has no advantage. If it is a small and medium-sized company to operate the B2C site to consider both product quality and product prices. At the same time to ensure the quality of clearance, and Taobao, pat, there are businesses to compare the price, make a relatively cheap and ensure a profitable price is the first step in a profitable B2C website.

two.B2C site positioning

Huang Wei encountered a lot of production enterprises in the website operation, they have their own products, and the product quality pass, have enough room for price cuts, even at a loss at the B2C site, the enterprise entity will still make money at a loss. Their idea is to do the next line entities and online shopping at the same time, to seek diversified development. But many similar production enterprises in the future make out the website will settle a matter by leaving it unsettled. What is the reason for this result? Huang Wei think they lack an accurate positioning of their own on their own website and. So how can a company’s B2C site locate itself?

1 according to the size of the enterprise and the development prospects of the industry to develop short-term goals and long-term development model.

2 according to the short-term goal of the enterprise to develop the key development of the city or region

3 according to the company’s products to make accurate market positioning, looking for accurate consumer groups

4 according to the enterprise background and enterprise resources to make a reasonable implementation of the fixed line promotion mode and the fixed promotion

5 according to the company’s capital investment budget to find suitable for the enterprise website long-term effective network promotion mode

6 according to the characteristics of enterprise products can be long-term cooperation to achieve win-win cooperation partners


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