A number of network group purchase of emergency funds or face closure

opened to large group purchase website Groupon, two years ago in the near collapse of the situation, after the Spring Festival to the company employees collective pay talks, the company founder run for financing.

more experts believe that once the situation gradually clear, there will be more problems. China buy industry consolidation has entered the final stage, this year is expected to accelerate large-scale integration.

early in the Spring Festival, Groupon founder of "on the run away" on the Internet rumors had been too much raise a Babel of criticism of. New year’s day, many returned to the company staff found posted on the glass door of a piece of paper: because of the Spring Festival holiday, decided in February 7th (16 January) official work.

yesterday in the mission treasure network Guangzhou Railway Station, the sudden announcement of the news that many employees worried about mood. Guangzhou staff said on the Internet, the group has been owed treasure net two months wages and severance payments. A Guangzhou staff in micro-blog said: Groupon opened, the employees pay talks this year, we have been very sad.

A few days after the Spring Festival

disappeared after Groupon CEO Ren Chunlei on micro-blog said he went to Shenzhen in January 30th to negotiate with potential investors, and Groupon new financing "has taken shape". Prior to this, he had said that if 15 days to raise money, the group may be declared bankrupt Po network.

the past two years, Groupon’s capital reserves to support the behavior of a lot of burn. However, the total financing amount does not exceed 300 million yuan under the condition of Groupon had run out of ammunition and food supplies. Ren Chunlei said that in each group are in a state of loss of the site, the network can tolerate the bottom line is not a monthly loss of more than 20 million yuan.


Duanliang phenomenon also appears in the other large group purchase website on the body. At the end of last year, before Groupon listed on the occasion, the domestic group purchase site also submitted IPO application, scheduled in November 14th last year, the United States listed handle network, under the NASDAQ crashed in beset with troubles internally and externally.

yesterday, another large group purchase website Wo Wo Group exposure "IPO recently by UBS Merrill rejected, Merrill Lynch also exit the underwriters." However, Wo Wo Group said yesterday, IPO all in accordance with the original plan in advance, but acknowledged that the investment bank does not recommend Wo Wo Group recently listed, while Wo Wo Group IPO underwriters have an upheaval.

this series of events directly announced the arrival of the cold domestic financing, buy the capital bubble burst, valuation and value began to return to rational. Jinsha River venture capital Zhu Xiaohu, Yi Kai capital Wang Ran and other investment community, said in a public platform, said the group treasure network, 24 coupons, such as the face of strand breaks in the group buying site, the value of mergers and acquisitions almost no".

can spend 2012 is the key

Groupon capital chain is not the case, has become a microcosm of group purchase industry in the winter. Data show that since the fourth quarter of last year, ranking >

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