260 million behind the penalty Nora is how to become a rogue

Nora seems unlikely to regain a new life, it was the best in China, the largest user of video playback software, but can not do so big. In the face of all the transformation opportunities, it missed the opportunity again and again.

Nora was closed without warning, in April 22nd, a large number of police entered Nora’s headquarters in Shenzhen, seized all the computer, this scene was spread rapidly in micro-blog, a lot of people have to accept the fact that hard to believe, Nora really come to an end. Before that day, Nora is one of the largest video on demand, even if there is a QQ video and threats storm, it still dominated exclusive P2P technology web video on demand 80% of the share, support tens of thousands of individual owners, but at the same time, it became rogue software, a month later. Nora was sentenced paid a fine of 260 million yuan. The collapse of a star enterprise, only need a paper pressure.

it used to be one of the best video playback software in china.

2003, Wang Xincai, 23 years old, he lives in Shanghai’s rental, is a grand box of R & D team member. Chen Tianqiao has spent a lot of energy this project ultimately not in the market gains, Wang Xin decided to find another place, like other skilled young people, he embarked on the road of entrepreneurship. Wang Xin has founded two companies in the industry are well-known, and fame is not commensurate with the company in the business as a little has not been known for money. In the middle of 2007, Wang Xin founded third companies own in Shenzhen, join him there are 3 from the same big box project partners, a few people have a lot of confidence in their technical ability, decided to play software QVOD Chinese name as "fast broadcast their own video, this name contains their expectations of the product in the bandwidth limit for many video software into the playback speed of the obstacle," Nora "can break the bottleneck, not only the fastest, but also can support high-definition video playback.

After the completion of the

player, Wang Xin put it on the company’s forum, I hope someone automatically sent to download. He convinced his players technical ability is the best, not afraid of deep alley, on the other hand, even a few partners, he is not good at doing technical background, promotion and publicity, had put their hopes in the user word of mouth on. This last resort received an unexpected effect for promotion. Responsible for the promotion once in Nora Market Manager Cheng Tianshu said, he is at the end of 2007 entry, at that time the company has less than 20 employees, before seeing the manager, he does not know what is broadcast. "I went to the interview asked a few friends, in the end what is Nora, and found that each of the computers are installed on the acquaintance of the software, I think this is not to go to the bag company."

Nora’s popularity thanks to its P2P technology, this technology now looks like nothing, but at that time, Nora’s use of it as the only one

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