Website promotion is very simple let your users to help you promote

friends, website promotion difficult? Most of the webmaster will say it is difficult, what SEO, BBS promotion, question and answer promotion, soft Wen promotion, WeChat promotion, etc, just a few numbers. Waste so much time every day to promote the site, but the effect of how to promote a few days, a few months, maybe a few years have no effect. Friends, website promotion is very tired, so tired? Do we have a relatively simple method to promote the site today? Lianhu Shao teach you a simple blog website promotion.

this period of time, Shao Lianhu every day no longer only patronize A5 nets, search outside the forum, Lou blog several famous webmaster website. And look relaxed, whether the BBS, or other online forums, or some other famous websites I almost all around, hoping to learn some new knowledge. After all, all day in the circle of the webmaster seems to look at those who are still the type of knowledge, no meaning. Better to let go of the pace, the freedom of wandering in the ocean of the Internet, want to see what to see. Of course, the harvest is also very large, learn a lot of knowledge. Here to share one of your blog just to see the use of micro-blog share function, allowing users to free website promotion case.

actually I want to see some money online articles, read some forum, nothing found, and began to search your blog, in the first row is Susu Wangzhuan blog. The blog found nothing to leave, dry cargo, which I know to point to open an article, but must share to Sina, micro-blog or micro-blog Tencent can see, oh, no way, do not share no law, I want to look inside in the end is what? Login micro-blog share is found after SkyDrive download link. And I saw a few other articles is also the case, read the article had to share. Of course, not all of the articles have to share, and some are not needed to share some of the things are arranged to download. The following figure:

we look at the above picture, see the article had to share the article to Sina micro-blog or micro-blog Tencent, I shared the next look at the share of the past. After sharing the download address. Want to see the content only to download to the computer to see what dongdong. I think there was a man who wanted to see the content to be shared by micro-blog, the day has hundreds of thousands of users so there are so many people to help his blog promotion.

in fact, this method is very similar to many of his. For example, in some forums, a post is very attractive, if you want to see some open, you have to reply to the post can see what is inside the content. No way, and some have to register the number and then look inside the content. This is to arouse people’s curiosity, let a person in order to see the bottom is willing to do.

A lot of

from the media blog article are charging, after all, writing is very hard, some dry cargo is not willing to share with you, and writing fees for a long time, so much energy to good article could be reproduced directly to others malicious, is not worth a. >

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