f you do not know these Taobao rules can only be out

[editor’s note] there is no sale no harm. But always hurt each other, business is not good to do. No rules no Cheng Fangyuan, sell the rules to sell, buy buy rules. Billion state power network finishing July Taobao, Tmall’s new rule changes, reference:

buyers can not abuse power

content: Taobao will abuse the rights of members to set up an independent rule of the case, belonging to the general violations.

abuse of member rights, refers to the member does not consume for the purpose of abuse of the rights of the members of the legitimate rights and interests of others, disrupting the order of Taobao business behavior. On the investigation to the abuse of rights of members, Taobao will depend on the circumstances take warning, authentication, restricts the creation of shops, limit the station sent a letter, limit the release of goods, restriction site login, login, want restrictions limit the buyer behavior, evaluation, evaluation, delete limit limit of complaint, extending the trading time control measures, until the seizure of accounts and, to obtain improper benefits, abuse of membership rights (including but not limited to red, Tmall integral) for return or withdraw. The abuse of rights to take orders to close the order, excluding sales and other control measures.

original intention: constraint buyer behavior.

effective date: August 2, 2016

evaluation: trading is like a balance, which is too heavy, are unfair. It is necessary to protect the seller.

batch registration Taobao account is a serious violation of

content: Taobao will be the original improper registration provisions of the case split, improper registration rules belong to serious violations.

improper registration, refers to the user through the software, procedures, etc., the bulk of the behavior of Taobao account registration. Improperly registered, to use Taobao software, program batch registration into account each deducted forty-eight points; for Taobao investigation into allegations of improper registered members, Taobao will depend on the circumstances take warning, authentication, restricts the creation of shops, limit the station sent a letter to limit, release the product, website login, login Wangwang limit limit buyers, limit behavior temporary control measures.

original intention: to encourage the integrity of the seller.

effective date: August 2, 2016

evaluation: if you can not register a batch of Taobao accounts, the difficulty of the brush is not increased?

two sampling unqualified brand kicked out

content: the business operated by the brand of such a situation, Tmall will have the right to terminate the brand operating in Tmall: the brand does not meet the mandatory standards or do not meet the recommended standards. Contains: the brand situation after two times of sampling were confirmed that do not conform to the compulsory standards; the "flash card /U disk / memory / mobile hard disk" under the category of the brand after three times of sampling were identified do not meet the recommended standard.

original intention: taking into account the current part of the product is not written yet

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