Alipay cash withdrawals charges since October 12th to 0 1% service charge

A5 business network ( September 12th news, Alipay announced on October 12, 2016, individual users enjoy 20 thousand free accumulated amount of withdrawals, the excess cash will charge 0.1% service fee, single service fee of less than 0.1 yuan by 0.1 yuan fee.

details are as follows:

following WeChat cash charges, Alipay cash charges is the third party payment industry and a "bomb", is different, WeChat cash per person free of charge only 1000 of the amount is based, while Alipay has 20 thousand of the total amount of free per person basis, in addition, ants can get Alipay to pay using integral also, can exchange more amount of free.


users collect a variety of methods to avoid Alipay provided fees: give the money spent, the use of Alipay online to buy buy buy is 1 yuan; the ant =1 integral amount of free exchange, the amount of free ant integral; using the balance of treasure, financial products, credit cards and other channels provided free of charge now transfer; ant flower chanting pay then the balance is also spent…… There is, put the money to me, I take your withdrawal fee (such as a O~~

O _)

no matter what kind of brain hole, what we know is that Alipay also began to build the walls of the purse, "as a direct buy buy buy" charges, are you ready to chop hands mody.



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