Electricity supplier giant Amazon can kill the world courier giant FedEx it

[Tencent science and technology editor] Amazon hire dozens of Boeing 767 aircraft, only for faster delivery.

paid $99 a year, users can enjoy free services within the city within two hours.

when you order online, Amazon’s package may have been ready, just put a label to send.

The author analyzes on Amazon delivery service

Bloomberg recently.

article pointed out that, for courier companies FedEx and UPS, Amazon is their big customers, but now Amazon is squeezing their business. Freight industry on Amazon has a tendency to turn the. Tencent science and technology compiled the article, the following is the original:

last fall, John · Stan Foss (John Stanforth) when the campaign for Ohio mayor of Wilmington, heard rumors that a big company is the local airport "Wilmington aviation Park" air test. The company wants to carry out the project quietly, and people who go to the airport often say they have covered the logo with a black plastic bag, saying the test is called the Amelia Amelia (Project). Although it is said that the company is Amazon, but Stan Foss is not sure.

71 year old Stanley Fuchs also do their own warehousing business. In November, he won the mayoral election easily. But he did for the airport thing say too much, because too much gossip may let the chance slip away. "As long as we can bring jobs here on the line." At that time he thought.

Wilmington is a small place with a population of about 12 thousand people. There were a lot of jobs before. Wilmington aviation Park was ABX and DHL (DHL acquired in 2003 ABX) logistics transshipment center. Thousands of people were working at airports, sorting parcels and loading them out of the plane. This kind of work may not bring much success, but at least the salary is high. The workers are willing to Wilmington commercial street consumption, love visiting the barber shop and tattoo shop. Even the local bookstore business is also very good, especially in 2007, "Harry ·, Potter" series of books on sale seventh sets. "People everywhere. We bought a $1000 charity ice cream. 1000 dollars! "

2008, DHL closed its transfer center in Wilmington, almost all of the people working in the park are unemployed. "It was a devastating blow, and our community was small, and it would be a big blow to lose that employer," said Stan Foss. The following year, a television program called Wilmington a symbol of America’s decline.

comes with FedEx’s electronic "WAL-MART"

began in September 2015, residents have found more and more aircraft entering and leaving the airport, they loaded and unloaded some black packaging boxes. >

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