Google Adsense 2007 tour Zhengzhou Railway Station conference summary

  Google Adsense 2007 Conference tour activities: "optimized master" seminar on  
  time: July 9, 2007;; Venue: Yuda Palace Hotel Zhengzhou
  the number of about 100 people:
    br < />    July 9th at 3:30 in the afternoon after attending the "Google Adsense 2007 tour conference" my reason for not to take pictures with the camera, around the layout are the same, can see the summary picture of Nanjing. Get to the point, a brief summary of the main content, the previous summary of the most repeated station not one to write in:

      the first host first welcome speech, followed by a small beauty called Mao Jing presided over the main content of the following three aspects:

      1, GOOGLE advertising program profile

      2, the basic elements of advertising optimization and skills: advertising optimization to increase revenue is the most obvious performance, banners, rectangles, skyscrapers better, to make good use of advertising channels.

      3, to explore the best advertising scheme: sports channel function tracking advertising click the show has price, income for you to view each position, so as to adjust the layout of the site advertising etc.. From time to time to try new advertising to maintain the reader’s interest, after investigation and analysis using a long time advertising leads to old users know not to click on ads, so ads update location can give you unexpected results, of course with the channel to use, so that we can see clearly the change.

      case: fresh job search network

      after the optimization of the working group to help GG, this site is the default configuration before, nor to adjust the layout of the color, after optimization, the average revenue increase of up to 20 times. Reasons for growth: the quality of the site to enhance, attract a lot of high quality advertisers, many advertisers to do advertising. Choose to use this channel as an advertising layout to show the channel to advertisers, which is good for advertisers to view your situation. Website content is the first, there is a good content to attract users to click on your ad.

      4, refused to cheat is the premise of account security:

      (1), prohibit floating advertising


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