Half of the year will push open platform online 1 billion 300 million in revenue last year

news April 1st, Chinese Newegg executive vice president Gu Jianxing recently accepted the NetEase technology interview, he revealed that the first half of this year – will launch an open platform, in order to enrich the product category, and increase income. The platform has begun to attract investment.

in the absence of external investment, only rely on the headquarters of financial support, at present in Newegg strategy emphasizes steady and gross profit. In the short term will focus on the eastern region, hoping to get more share in the market segments. In the second half of last year – has been involved in the department store, to make up for the problem of low profit rate of 3C products.

China Newegg revenue last year was 1 billion 300 million, this year is expected to break through 2 billion major general Gu Jianxing. The current income China Newegg accounted for approximately 10% of the new world.

earlier, because Baidu advertising prices soared, Newegg has stopped advertising in Baidu.

saying Newegg The climate does not suit one. identity "

in April last year, came from traditional industries Gu Jianxing as new network consultant, "with the business model, corporate culture and value system, know the web site in the domestic development bottleneck and confusion," Gu Jianxing said. The beginning of June, the newly established China Gu as new district executive vice president, responsible for new business Chinese.


Chinese Newegg executive vice president, Chinese Newegg CEO Gu Jianxing

Gu Jianxing believes that since the beginning of the fourth quarter of 2008 China new force in the domestic electronic commerce, but the reason has been tepid more in the enterprise, "of the new egg in domestic is still the basic The climate does not suit one., I agree".

Gu, for example, in business management, China more mature mode Newegg copy of the United States, the establishment of the complicated flow in each business module, every process of all personnel supervision. This emphasis on the system of the United States, to ensure that the final results, but at home, the efficiency is low, and no one is responsible for the final results.

Gu Jianxing approach is to business contract to a small team, full decentralization, but control the entrance and exit, emphasizing the results.

in addition, the staff management, he developed a new incentive mechanism to stabilize the team, to avoid the loss of personnel in the fierce competition in the electricity supplier. "An energetic, responsible, cooperative and win-win workforce is an important factor in determining the success of the company."

in the specific decision on important issues at present Chinese Newegg is composed of "executive committee" responsible for the Executive Committee, including the founder of Fred, a new network director and Gu Jianxing three.

in the first half will push the development of open platform focused on the eastern city of

in addition to the internal adjustment, a real problem facing the new network is, unlike other electricity providers have a large number of venture capital in the development.

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