What does Baidu do in the next generation of search engine technology


[core tip] when Baidu Google and other general search search less than what you want, how do you find you want to see the adult website?


and can’t sleep at night, looking for a bit of what sent bored midnight time, then search for the word "customers" in Baidu, ranked first in the Baidu know quiz on the "adult website", Baidu official website should not want the content, so excitedly open row in second the site, open look, or with an adult came to the site eight pole is related to the site, in addition to write a few articles, adult website manuscript, without any regard to adult content, then down off the computer sad lying in bed quietly sigh: Baidu more and more bad with the.

is dead, can’t sleep not found what he wanted, the search engine will be feeling more difficult to use, if you search will find the same day, is not good, but it is not completely hopeless, Baidu is doing the technical exploration, and the exploration of technology but also in business try.

technical reserves and business attempts: intimate search

a few months ago, Baidu launched a low-key "intimate" search, intimate search emphasizes "instant", through data mining, a variety of knowledge fragments, form the answer mining from millions of level data of knowledge base, high-quality search results directly in the search for aggregation and show to optimization. The way to answer the knowledge map directly presented to the user, but also can realize the intelligent interaction and user.


intimate search performance at the product level is the integration of information and knowledge, to give users a more structured and more complete information. For example, users in the search box to search for "Jay Chou", his film works, songs, Post Bar fans discussion groups and other core information are neatly presented in the current page (excluding Baidu to bring traffic to their products, search the suspect) results in the past is according to the recommended scheduling algorithm, the result is a stereo the show, a lot of good experience for users.


In addition to the experience of

, intimate search is another attempt at Baidu in business.

According to the

where "submitted to the prospectus to disclose the information, where to go with Baidu to reach a" intimate search "cooperation agreement: Baidu agreed to grant where at the PC end of" Baidu intimate search "of tourism products and intermediate pages of exclusive right to operate, the exclusive right to operate the right content relates to the ticket, the hotel and commercial holiday products. At the same time, Baidu promised to search for the best place to bring the lowest amount of browsing in 2014 and 2 billion 190 million in 2016, respectively, in the year of 2015 was 2 billion 196 million.

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