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Joyus: the collection of excellent advertising video website

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e-commerce is now one of the most popular areas of the internet. From eBay (micro-blog) to the Amazon (micro-blog), from Taobao to Jingdong, a wide range of electricity providers are trying to tap the potential of this huge market share. But no matter how business model, these sites generally through the text and pictures of goods, rarely with video. Google (micro-blog) former executives · Cassidy Snyder Suk (Sukhinder; Singh Cassidy) from inspiration, created the video web site Joyus.

opens the Joyus home page, the eye is a picture of the "occupy almost the entire TV wall". Click on different areas, you can view the video of the product, as well as the relevant text and image information. If you feel fit, you can purchase. At present, the main sales Joyus beauty, fashion, home and daily necessities.

from the electricity supplier point of view, Joyus is not much different. But what is really interesting is its unique presentation, as well as business oriented advertising services.

Joyus why do you want to use the video to display the goods, Xiao Bian believes that the longer a commodity can catch the eye of consumers, the higher the likelihood of being favored. In the Internet era of "reading", a user browsing the same kind of goods, face many of the same website thumbnails, it is difficult to produce a special liking for a product. But if we can choose the appropriate scene, with occasional hotties, music, and even the design of a little story, let the video play interesting, small fresh, consumers are more likely to spend some time to understand the product, so as to bring more sales to businesses.

on the other hand, Joyus’s goal is not just electricity supplier. It provides a complete set of data analysis tools for businesses, businesses can clearly see the sales of each video playback, the sales of each video, the total flow of each video, etc.. As a result, Joyus can actually get another source of revenue: advertising revenue. Cassidy, the founder of the company, said: "I don’t care if people go shopping from Joyus or from other places. I just want them to go shopping after seeing a great video. We want to become the leading enterprises in video shopping." In a sense, Joyus do electricity supplier, can be described as the body in the heart of the Han cao". It is really doing is an advertising platform, to seize the video advertising market is just unfolding, but not in the Red Sea and the Amazon and other electricity providers super giant sike.

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is that consumers are really interested in watching commercials over and over again in this era of rapid consumption, Joyus said

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