n 2015 Alipay’s market share is the Jingdong to pay 238 times

news March 31st, iResearch released in 2015 before the date of the third party payment market core data show that 2015 China third party Internet payment transactions in the market share of Alipay number one, accounting for 47.5%, caifutong ranked second, but accounted for only about half of alipay.

learned billion state power network, the rapid development of mobile Internet, so that all payment companies are actively layout of the mobile terminal, Alipay mobile payment terminal users in 2015 accounted for more than half, the proportion reached 65%, PC end user stickiness decline, increasing the size of the Internet trading has slowed, compared to 2014, Alipay market share in 2015 47.5% to


2015 caifutong financial strategy to upgrade, build an open platform for cooperation, relying on WeChat and QQ social tools, expand the payment scene, mobile payment will be paid and the Internet combined, in 2015 the market share of up to 20%.

iResearch believes that at present, the Jingdong has to pay for the foundation of the seven business lines, combined with their own business advantage, accelerate Internet Financial layout, development of Jingdong financial territory, although in 2015 the Jingdong to pay the market share of only 2%, but the future will be more development potential

addition, while facing the industry supervision and standardize the development of P2P industry in 2015, but the overall size of the transaction is still showing a high growth, remittance world, YeePay pay treasure and therefore increased rapidly;

2015, according billion state power network understanding, each payment enterprise deep in the aviation brigade, electricity supplier B2B, supply chain, Internet banking and other fields, such as payment, quick money, gold payment, third party payment industry to provide a more complete solution for B enterprises, help enterprises to improve payment efficiency, strengthen the management of funds. Not only help to promote the industry to raise the level of payment, but also help to improve the enterprise’s own payment service level, to expand its influence and competitiveness in the industry.

it is worth noting that, in the data display, in addition to Alipay, caifutong payment giant long occupied the top two market share, some independent third party payment enterprise development momentum can not be underestimated. Pay treasure this talent shows itself, with the proportion of 1.1%, in 2015 the Internet China third party payment position ten the size of the transaction before becoming an annual ranking in new.

is reported that Bao Fu was founded in 2010, by the end of 2011 was awarded by the central bank payment business license. As the third party payment companies, the platform of the three party hosting services to provide payment and settlement services for P2P gateway trading funds business, meet the P2P net loan platform to provide customers with all kinds of financing transaction payment services based on demand.

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