Zhou Hongyi spent 100 million yuan to buy the domain name 360 com to build the official website of t

renamed China (eName.cn) August 13th hearing, buddies, you did not find the domain name 360.com? Click to jump to the haosou.com no longer good search, but has been enabled to build 360 website! This billion dollar domain will finally come in handy.

figure: 360.com

domain 360.com is a Qihoo 360 in February this year, spent nearly billion from foreign companies bought vodafone. 360 companies in the domain name protection can be described as sparing no effort, all with the brand of the domain name almost did not let go, in the case of 360.cn, still spend a lot of money to win the.Com domain name. But at that time did not officially enable this domain name, just jump to a good search haosou.com.

after June 360 our network was officially renamed the 360 mall, and opened a new domain name mall.360.com. At that time we will guess, 360 sales platform to switch to the 360.com domain name should be the beginning of the 360 pan business, may 360 after like mi.com, 360 related businesses are concentrated in the name of 360.com, then 360.com would be the main domain name.

indeed, click on the current 360.com page has become 360 of the company’s website, there is almost a collection of all 360 products, there are links to search, 360 mall, our community etc..

however, the 360 companies enabled 360.com is unusually low-key, whether it is the official micro-blog micro-blog or Zhou Hongyi himself, can be said to be no wind at all, this with Zhou Hongwei had always been a high-profile style really is inconsistent.

but anyway, the official opening of the 360 companies as the official website 360.com domain name, the overall amplification of the brand of the 360, but also facilitate the process of internationalization of the future, paving the way for the future internationalization.

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