Mandatory advertising video sites have the right to choose not to see

users worry:

watch the video will be seen a lot of advertising

video website in recent years, the rapid development momentum, with a massive free video resources for the majority of Internet users, including Youku, potatoes, and other video Sohu is most well known, and a large number of video resources and bundled with commercial advertising, it is the main source of income for these sites. It is reported that in the first quarter of 2015, China’s online video market advertising revenue has reached as high as 4 billion 110 million yuan.

for a long time, it seems that the formation of an unwritten agreement between network users and video sites, that enjoy the free video resources, it is necessary to fulfill the obligation to be seen advertising.

but the survey found that most users generally believe that video advertising is "interference", especially with the variety show TV drama, television, advertising time from 15 seconds to 150 seconds has been gradually stretched, what is more, in the middle of the video advertising spots, long advertising already let users lose patience, this is more and more Internet users the most important reason to use ad blocking software services.

controversy exists:

why can’t intercept

with the tools

this event "party" – net master, is with a "malvertising block", "user privacy protection" and "video harassment filter" and other functions of the software, the mobile phone or on the computer after installation, as long as the user take the initiative to open direct interception, watch video content in soil beans, etc. you can skip the advertising video website.

is a large number of users for the interception of the demand for advertising, so that the net master on the net quickly after being favored, just a few years, by the user’s praise. Users download a sharp rise in the use of more than twenty million. At the same time, the use of a large number of users for the interception of advertising also directly damage the economic interests of the video site advertising, which will become a network of video sites will be the master of the net to court fuse.

from the surface, this is a battle between the video site and the net master, but in fact is a video game between the site and the user, the net master is just a tool. It is a poor user experience "viewed advertising" first, will allow the intercept advertising software has an opportunity.

in a relatively free internet environment, users do not need to exercise their freedom of attention to find reasons, therefore, the use of net master does not look at advertising is understandable. However, the controversy still exists.

has the view that the video is free to play, if the ads have been intercepted, undermine the profitability of the business; there is the view that advertising is just a tool to intercept it, users do not have the right to look at advertising. These two views on behalf of the video site and the interests of users in the public opinion has been a long time, and will continue.

trend difficult:

advertising screen >

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