Market navigation network group purchase industry bubble was traced to massive layoffs spread downst

all 36 items after clicking all entered the Wo Wo Group page

daily news (reporter Chong Xiaomeng) yesterday, the original buy navigation website market network, Mr. Zhang and his colleagues were laid off. Sources said that the reasons for the layoffs of the market network or the site is about to close or large-scale adjustment. With the buy site bubble has been squeezed, the industry chain upstream and downstream enterprises have begun to be affected.

Zhang told reporters that since June this year, Wo Wo Group is the market network (micro-blog) after the acquisition, most of the staff are realized with Wo Wo Group’s share, only line sales team for independent operation. Although the overall proportion of layoffs is not yet known, but the proportion of layoffs in my department reached 50%." Mr. Zhang said, the company began on Thursday to talk with employees, it is the market network part of the staff transferred to Wo Wo Group, another part of the people and do not want to (Wo Wo Group) was laid off.

market net predecessor "group P net" Wo Wo Group acquired a name, and then successively in the country to buy "I was the head", "cluster" and a number of local navigation group purchase website, once ranked among the top three independent group purchase website navigation position. Yesterday, the reporter saw in the market "," one-stop group purchase ", this should be included in a number of mainstream group purchase site project market, there is only a collection of its owner, a Wo Wo Group group purchase website project.

yesterday, "the market network page, Beijing Railway Station station included only catering group purchase project 12, 7 leisure and entertainment, beauty and health care class 4, class 12 Turisthotellet and other 1 categories, a total of 36 projects. The same as the independent buy navigation website group 800 network includes more than 15 thousand buy items, a scouring network buy Daquan channel included the number of items is more than 20 thousand.

market network customer service staff said that the market network has just on-line soon, the current project is still in the process of negotiating most of the other sites. The website customer service representative said: "now, Wo Wo Group is indeed more projects, but in the future will gradually enrich." In addition, the reporter called the market network customer service call, suggesting that the site is tone, but has not yet opened. According to sources close to the market network, said the site has not yet opened, the reason and tight capital chain, capital shortage is closely related.

buy navigation website downturn, and its upstream services to buy the site after the explosive growth of rational regression. Yesterday, a number of group purchase website has been exposed to massive layoffs. Including 24 coupons, Gaopeng large group purchase website original sales director, marketing director said that he had done the work site is currently in the explosive growth of foam extrusion stage. The day before the foreign media reports, the United States this year, there are about 170 group purchase websites were closed or sold, the total number of 1/3, while the 800 group according to the monitoring data show that the collapse of the country where the small group purchase website has more than 300, and this figure has not been enough domestic group purchase site

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