Grassroots rise free mode will be phased out

seize the opportunity to score in the Empire, now many platforms are not fully aware of it when the arrival of the era of grass-roots, integration of excellent customers quickly, provide profit for them, she was even more profitable, who will become the new overlord Chinese internet. Of course, this is not blind to the user money, but to optimize the investment, the pursuit of self realization of the biggest, not stingy to others, just to get more points. Grassroots rise, free mode will be eliminated.

we are out of the socialist public ownership of the Internet users, who have been known to serve the community, contribute to the collective, as a platform for service, and that this can bring honor to themselves. However, with the continuous improvement of the quality of Internet users, grassroots culture constantly create new era, grassroots strong has let individuals become an independent "platform", although the platform is very small, but they slowly accept a new influence, slowly becoming a creation value, will slowly because creating without wages and feel rough, so that the concept of customer profitability came out.

the concept of customer profitability to those thinking about their money, only to be eliminated by the platform that can encourage outstanding grassroots platform, service is not extreme, only thinking of "serve the people" is not destined to become the cause, only thinking about their money slowly become failure. The arrival of the era, grassroots is no longer willing to work for free people, to understand this truth, Yu Shijin mode appears. This model allows blog users can get their advertising costs in blogging, although gold is not comprehensive, because advertising features and no organic combination with individual blog again, this will waste a lot of resources, but it has already started. "The starting point of privatization" in here, the platform is only equivalent to collect taxes from, as if to rent the store to others, earn rent, rental shops customer is the main profit, which will become the future trend of the development of the Internet China.

of course not every grassroots can make money, but those who can effectively use the Internet to play to their strengths, their works can bring advertising value, each characteristic of the Internet users will get their share in Internet payment. Some people write articles according to the characteristics of his article, hanging on the appropriate advertising; there is love music or video on the spot in his works. On the Internet you can sell pork can also sell mutton, as long as the quality is good, you can get the money. A blog has got China first VC investment, that is to say, with the customer common profit model is our goal, the current South Korean UCC profit model has been quite hot, in fact, this is the equivalent of some time ago Zhang Yu’s video and Sina make money together is a reason, but South Korea in this area has been relatively mature, but is still in the initial China.

but grassroots culture is becoming increasingly prosperous, our blog, podcasts are constantly professional, Chinese users to create products (UCC) is also constantly optimized, who can grasp this

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