Caifutong full title network style template the first plug in contest kicked off today

win prizes, learn skills, network network after the golden week Strike while the iron is hot., on the seven day, today sounded the first "caifutong Cup" style templates, plug-in Games kick drums.

network said that the Internet has gone through 10 years, gradually accumulated a number of technical and design talent, by moving huge resources over millions of users of the network forum system, the network for their dataichangxi, outstanding works not only with other users can try to use these creative talents, but also provide a a large art platform for them, so that it can strengthen communication and exchanges. In fact, in the network development of seven years, has accumulated a considerable number of network enthusiasts, with their own enthusiasm, wisdom and creativity, research network program, designed to beautify the dynamic network style template, the production of a variety of multi function plugin, which has created many outstanding original works.

in order to give full play to the contestants space, network competition will be divided into two groups of templates and plug-in match, and more particularly to the contestants enough creative time, will allow participants to submit works within 1 months, as of the time of December 21st. Then the entries will be accepted online two weeks of Internet voting, after special professional panel member selection to determine the final winner. The winners will be announced on January 14th.

it is reported that, due to the financial support of the Tencent to pay the full support, this event is quite rich prizes. First prize 1 will be able to get $2000 in cash, mobile network Business Edition (Professional Edition), CITIZEN CITIZEN light energy meter sets and other five kinds of physical prizes. Four other finalists for the award and caifutong special award although there is no cash rewards, but also can get the cute doll and QQ Tencent as well as other kind prizes.

is certainly not the only Tencent of the contest of interest, including NetEase, Ali Mama, the laggards, China stationmaster net 12 of the contest website will also give special attention to media reports and other support during the event.

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