The release of E8 and Chinese The opening date of the domain name system agree without prior witho

"China" domain name recently due to enter the global root domain name system and concern. It is worth noting that, IE8 release time is the end of 2008, and "China" domain name system is officially used from the beginning of 2009. The two can be said to support IE8 Chinese agree without prior without previous consultation, the domain name has been the industry insiders as everyone knows, will further promote the "enable. China" of domain name system.

in the days before Microsoft held annual financial analysts meeting, vice president of Microsoft Corp Bill Veghte IE8 revealed that the official version will be released at the end of this year. It is reported that IE8 will continue to IE7 RFC3743, RFC4713 (international standard two Chinese Internet domain name China has independently developed the international standard) and other Internet protocol, can support the "barrier free" Chinese CN domain name, the address bar can also be in the "Favorites" in the right to add, display, access Chinese domain name CN "historical records"; can correctly display and access has been visited by Chinese CN domain; CN domain name support Chinese in page hyperlink access.

it is reported that the domestic authorities in order to safeguard the interests of the Chinese domain users, has been actively advocated and promoted the process of the equivalent Chinese allograft simplified and traditional domain name, domain name registration and Chinese research steps and methods to avoid between different Chinese character variants might conflict exists, and achieved RFC3743, RFC4713 major breakthrough, make it become IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force) international technical standards, "Chinese. Made a very large contribution to China application domain.

‘.’ China ‘domain name into the global root domain name system, will enjoy almost equal treatment with the CN domain name." The domain name registration service era network responsible person said, IE8 will be able to make "Chinese. China" and "Chinese.CN" during a visit to realize no difference, and the former is better reflect the characteristics of China, will provide a convenient way for web browsing using Chinese Internet users. For Chinese business users, the Chinese domain name is undoubtedly its best network brand.

observers said, "Chinese.CN" will be directly converted into "Chinese. China" has been basically finalized, but if the customer has yet to register any Chinese domain name, you should register in advance, to ensure that not being registered. It is reported that the domestic part of Registrar "Chinese.CN" when customers, timely remind the customer should fully protect ". China" domain name brand, for example, now in the era of network registered a simplified "Chinese.CN" domain name, can receive a free traditional and simplified "Chinese. China" domain name and traditional "Chinese.CN" domain name.

it is understood that, "China" domain name and ".Cn" domain name complement each other, common development, ".Cn" domain name can still be registered and used in china.

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