n the event of coral CCTV 2 and Shenzhen are confused

      a company is really shameless, the man to catch and release before the holiday, let the negative impact of the incident is reduced to the lowest, really deep meaning now ~ ~ ~ do not say first of these companies according to their deeds, industry attributes, I carefully watched the entire video, to focus on the "Shenzhen TV Taiwan public channel" idiot approach

      the entire video I noticed several paragraphs Narrator:

      1, "there has been a new change in the tort of coral reefs" (the act of tort is not determined by the court, and is directly determined by the Shenzhen police station and the Nanshan police station)

      2, the suspect "very sorry" (please, he is just "suspect", the court has not found guilty verdict, Shenzhen Taiwan regret you, you idiot and that her mother kept woman hostess go)

      3, "it seems that the coral reef did infringe the legitimate rights and interests of the Tencent" (Shenzhen station, you and she is too Kaige Chen it, but also the meaning of stars, rely on! Shenzhen TV station later renamed the Shenzhen high people’s court, the original court staff immediately dismissed, transferred to Yangon (


      4, "the Shenzhen Public Security Bureau will intensify the fight against this crime" (even "suspect" also avoided, the police also changed to court)

      5, "Chen is deeper and deeper in the road of crime" (Shenzhen TV station),… I love you!!!

      what are the people in Shenzhen? Shame ah ~ ~ ~ ~ (I seem to have a few classmates are still lovely place) he is an idiot is not a crime, but also made a program to tell someone you are an idiot you are wrong ~

      a company is not the first time, what a myim.com.cn or myim.cn a few years ago, so it is charged, people do it, but I see a lot of compatible MSN, YAHOO Gtalk, IM software, Microsoft, YAHOO, Google, what also did not mention what ah, you your problem ~ ~ ~

by Tencent

      the full version of the arrest of the author of the reef video

      or almost exactly a year ago, two sets of CCTV also staged a similar behavior, a financial newspaper reporter writing a report Acorn International, two sets of CCTV is not dry, immediately jump up and say they engage in false news, the court also no trial, two sets of CCTV it myself first start the judge for Acorn International call.

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