Tengyun hotel management software Avenir Hotel personalized room into a trend

hotel is now fierce market competition, customer demand for more and more difficult to meet, and on behalf of the hotel service industry as the most typical, want to hold their position in the fierce competition, we need to provide consumers with personalized services to attract new customers to keep back


Xiao Bian learned that Zhuzhou currently has star hotel start path, follow the coastal city, launched the parent-child theme room, full of real "little yellow people", "machine cat"… Feel Meng Meng Da! Play the cartoon style, go personalized routes, plus the summer tourism golden period, the hotel occupancy rate rose steadily



under pressure and the surrounding of the low price competition, the hotel performance decline, many hotel managers first time will significantly lower room prices, introduced a variety of special offer housing, in order to restore the market, but with little success.

hotel senior industry believes that only the price will only lead to vicious competition, the current situation of the hotel industry, the most important is to subdivide the market, re positioning, and provide better services for all types of consumer groups.

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consumers "demands" from the consumer to "enjoy" consumption trend, how to win the market in the hotel? Most coastal city hotel, to attract customers, the hotel according to different groups, the introduction of a variety of different style rooms scene, in order to attract consumers to "eyeball", "personalized hotel rooms" the trend, so that consumers can not buy


services, finally to obtain the trust and recognition of consumers! Provide personalized service for consumers to care for customers, manage membership, enhance member stickiness, starting from the details, the hotel will get more in return.

jcipc Tengyun hotel system software management software, to help you easily manage the hotel! As a leading brand of hotel information, feature rich software, always maintain the leading position of the market and technology, maintain multiple industry first… Software provides members and clients strong management support, set the members holding price, consumption standard automatically upgrade points against the room, such as integral… Shaoxing membership award rich love membership function, let member loyalty continued bursting, have more stable customers.

hotel to provide personalized service, and ultimately need a powerful management software to manage customer information, in order to maximize the value of a customer.

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