His memories xici net not a good capital success story


BBS Xicihutong community founder Xiangma (Liu Hu) according to the work.

  Sina Technology Tracy

said forty and perplexed".

as the most famous BBS Chinese Xicihutong community founder, Great Outlaws (Liu Hu) in 2011 ushered in the age of 40. Give them birthday, colleagues and Yi Long xici.net shareholders a letter of resignation, second chose to leave.

this is a complex emotional decision: founded in 1998 2000 sold to the West Temple, eLong, 2011 2005 to return to the West Temple, leave again, leading not only to witness the rise and fall of the West Temple and the whole Internet, the ups and downs.

do an important job at them in the West Temple, is trying to separate xici.net for art dragon, the plan from the beginning of 2008, deadline is 40 to his birthday.

he regards it as an account of their own, if still tangled in the West Temple, already can’t do too many things, the pattern of the Internet a big change in three years, it has wasted a lot of time and opportunity.

unfortunately, until 2011 xici.net peel is still not looks, from the moment the resignation of the message, the Great Outlaws felt relieved, can start anew.


strictly speaking, xici.net appears purely accidental: 1998 writing program at home due to his illness made cervical spondylosis, boring wrote a program, 1 free to take a "Xici" name released, then all the way to become the most popular web sites, especially in the overseas Chinese in the influential early 2000, West Temple the global rankings even reached more than 100.

-2000 1998 years of the early Internet, even if the Tencent are struggling to find profitable way, let alone provided the temple. As the West Temple to millions of registered users, both the server and platform system is in overload, in order to "play tickets" to save money and even often eat them instant noodles.

but as a university teacher, Ma rang in stretched, had in 2000 at the peak of development, will be sold to the West Temple (later renamed elong eLong). In the precipitation of the humanities West Temple, there are a lot of friends do not understand his behavior, even accused them by netizens to make money.

said in 2005 to accept them Xici "Jinling Evening News" interview, "I am a programmer, in order to retain xici.net not stand, must make sacrifices." Even now the Great Outlaws did not regret will be sold to the West Temple art dragon, "if you do not sell xici.net long dead."

when the thieves just a programmer, not financing will not tell the story, don’t even pay US dollars to buy the domain name from abroad. "I have little interest in making money, so when I had to go to the development of xici.net earn more.

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