Wireless search is deeply rooted in the accuracy of the biggest advantage

      wireless search is deeply rooted in

      we are in the field of wireless search is a relatively early company, mainly through mobile phones and other clients to provide search services. And the traditional search may not be the same as the wireless search is a wide range, which is based on the mobile phone as the main carrier, to provide users with a full range of search behavior, including SMS, voice and Internet, especially WAP based search form.

      we can imagine in daily life, for example, to find a good restaurant, sometimes do not know its location, then send a message or voice can immediately know. Especially search based on WAP application. WAP represents the future of wireless Internet or similar to the Internet mode, users have a lot of demand, for example, need all the things such as the latest news and information, we will provide users with rich and colorful information content to the various aspects of the community from the news, this is our positioning in wireless internet.

      current wireless search in a beginning stage of last year is developing very fast in a year, from the number of users, it is tens of thousands of subscribers, has now reached hundreds of thousands of people. From the user’s active search behavior has more than 70% users are also very active search behavior, which explains the wireless Internet, wireless search is popular, everyone has gradually begun the search as a tool for daily use, this is very gratifying change.

      accuracy is the biggest advantage of wireless search

      wired internet and wireless Internet have two major differences in material. The first is the mobile phone bandwidth is always unable to keep up with the wired internet; second mobile phone screen is very small, very narrow, but also less than PC or notebook so big. This determines the two features, wireless search, WAP search precision. We provide applications of the content should be close to the user in wireless, for example, can search some video on the Internet, but in the wireless search is not, can not imagine, because so little bandwidth can not carry some video, these two characteristics determine the wireless search with line search about the difference between.

      wireless search business value lies in the huge number of users and the intrinsic needs of users

      China from the whole group of users, Chinese has 120 million Internet users, 500 million mobile phone users, this figure two illustrates the point: in the user scale, mobile phone terminal based on wireless Internet is far more than the wired Internet, the number of Internet users is facing problems in which the proportion of extremely low, now.

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