One week news review vertical electricity supplier in distress YY profit model cited controversy

1 mysterious package pull the truth: business chain

Jingdong vice president Wu sound

October 18th, the News quoted Wu ex-wife said rebellion, Wu Sheng through direct or indirect holding way is closely related to other companies, through the "food Wu Jingxi" company, directly or indirectly to the Jingdong for food store.


message involved and Wu sound "close cooperation" between people, NTA innovative communications agency founder is responsible for the "8.15" electricity supplier price war marketing, Kingsoft CMO Liu Xinhua Shen sound, claiming to be a senior marketing people by Luo Zhenyu et al.

for food Beijing incident, Wu himself and related parties, immediately issued a statement denying the contents of the report is true. Wu said, "this is a time of silence is guilty. But until today, even in extreme grief also had to say a few words. Media reports on its untrue, will retain the right to legal proceedings".

Shen sound said, "I have done, worthy of conscience to afford customers to afford team to be a friend. The Internet is a big VAT polygon mirror, since you love you good conspiracy conspiracy theory. I’ll keep fighting".

as of press time ago, the direct damage to the event Jingdong mall, after an internal discussion declined to comment immediately. If the event is true, the exposed vulnerabilities in all Jingdong mall employing system and management.

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Jingdong vice president Wu sound

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2 vertical electricity supplier in trouble no disk access: development by capital by

After the

annual revenues of billions of dollars from the myth of staged, domestic vertical electric business began to decline, some enterprises often capital chain always on tenterhooks next month in order to survive, they even hope that their founded enterprise to sell. "Like the red child like Suning $66 million" vertical ransom "is very rare, and even can be said that the red child may be the last one lucky", the industry says.

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