130 million yuan sold half a storm video thunder you regret it

in March 31st this year, April Fool’s day, storm technology in the A-share market after the introduction of the fourth trading limit A. Thunder announced an agreement on this day, the player will be sold to the price of 130 million yuan Thunder KanKan Beijing nest international media.

early this morning, thunder released the first quarter of 2015 as of the first quarter of March 31st (Q1) earnings report, the disclosure has received 26 million yuan from the ring nest international payments, as well as the remaining $104 million. Other operating and financial data are as follows:

total revenues of $30 million 200 thousand, down 8.4%, a decline of 14.9%;

subscription Revenue $21 million 200 thousand, down 14.7%, the chain fell by 8.5%;

operating loss of $1 million 400 thousand, year on year and the chain by profit loss;

expects Q2 revenue of $25 million to $29 million, down 18.9%, a decline of 10.6%.

such a dismal earnings, thunder’s share price is still up more than 7%. Since the storm video A shares listed, the thunder’s share price has also entered the rise of one and a half months. But the value of the former after the 35 limit has been close to 36 billion yuan, while the market capitalization of less than $800 million.

and storm technology’s core assets, storm video, Thunder KanKan is also the mainstream of the domestic video playback platform. According to the prospectus when the two listed, the storm’s monthly active users of more than 200 million, while Thunder KanKan’s independent access to the user’s monthly also has a number of at least half of the storm, it is now the 136 million.

A shares in the current and new three hot, when the high price storm, want to through the purchase of assets, the Internet Co should be no shortage of listed companies for endorsement. If you sell a few months later, Thunder KanKan may have a chance to get a higher price.

Thunder KanKan

home Beijing nesound international media is a company backed by Hunan satellite TV, film and television production company, listed on the Hunan United Assets and equity exchange. As the "Yong Zheng Dynasty", "to the Republic" and other big drama producers, they have the right hand in the hands of Thunder KanKan’s most scarce copyright resources.

2011 reported that the company’s MBO (management buy outs) is to prepare for the listing. In 2014 there are rumors that they seek to backdoor listing.

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