The first half of 2013 and the group purchase group purchase industry in the first half



> buy the best six months of history

in the first half of 2013 domestic buy turnover reached 14 billion 130 million yuan, known as the history of the best six months". It’s better to have two meanings: first, the largest total; second, reversing the decline trend.

, from the total point of view, the first half of 2013 group purchase turnover of more than the year 2011, the equivalent of 2012 full year 66%; then from the trend, the first half of 2011 the growth slowed the trend is reversed in the first half of 2013, the semi annual growth was significantly greater.

"The best half"

but also have problems, that is the size of the user to buy passengers on behalf of group purchase quantity is still no major breakthrough, but also long-term hovering around 45 million – the people on the vision of the worry group purchase.

> group purchase is approximately equal to the "group of idle away in seeking pleasure"

in the first half of 2013 to buy categories of data than in the past there have been changes in the past, the proportion of turnover is catering alone, so that the group was about equal to eat and drink. As of June this year, leisure and entertainment group purchase in the first half of the total turnover reached 3 billion 530 million yuan, accounting for about half of the total turnover of 1/4, group purchase can now be approximately equal to the group of idle away in seeking pleasure.

> three or four line city market has great potential but

City turnover data can help us to see the status quo, that is, although a second tier cities to buy the market is relatively concentrated, but in fact the biggest piece of cake in the three or four line of the city. However, the three or four lines of the city is relatively scattered, remote, not easy to be focused on digestion, but the three or four tier cities still have the potential to change the current pattern of group buying industry.

> buy new changes in the development of the industry

1 Changes: group purchase firmly stand in the era of

2 billion yuan in the first half of 2013

change 2: buy Consumer scene gradually transferred from the PC to the mobile client

3 changes: the first step as the group purchase O2O integrated marketing, has been gradually and middle range

be made one coupon

> the future development trend of group buying

trend 1:2013 annual sales will exceed 30 billion yuan

trend 2: mobile terminal and PC share proportion will reach 7:3

trend 3: Internet giant and buy station merger or integration


source: Mission 800 Author: Kang Kang

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