How do you stand

blink of an eye, 2008 came. He became a webmaster has been almost 1 years in the past, just contact do stand, for a top-level domain and sorrow, for a free space around the application for dozens of IP, and now finally a tread on air, the station, the monthly income just enough living expenses


summed up the following, students do stand, I think the following aspects:

1, select the domain name and space. Domain name preferred COM, although COM expensive point more than 50 yuan, but always feel that COM looked relatively cool, like a regular stand like. If you don’t have too much money CN is still a good choice, such as free910.CN now Baidu update every day included a, although Baidu CN included more and more difficult, but hard to do, it must be recognized by Baidu, which can be assured. When it comes to space, believe that every webmaster have used free space, free space after all has its weakness, safety assurance, program components may have certain limitations, not easy to do, maybe one day free space station, you hung up. So, this suggest to buy the Almighty space, the beginning of the word 1G, now many 1G Almighty will be 100 yuan, spent 100 yuan to buy a safe space, lest the day passed bile.

2, how to choose the site program. It is recommended that the preferred Dede program (, for the novice may be a bit complicated, but I believe you fall in love with it for a week for you, only to find the site is so simple, only the program database installed, a beautiful template, and then add the content. If you write or play BLOG, Z-blog site is also a good choice, BLOG in the background and page after all more simple, basically fool you, one of the important points of Blog is relatively easy in Baidu optimization and ranking, and now more and more stations began to try to use the Blog site.

3, find your way. Don’t you see the HAO123, you also want to engage in a, what are the favorable factors the result of joint action. As a student webmaster, when the preferred and their related aspects, such as the 46 College English writing station, QQ space resources, non mainstream, campus network code, these resources don’t need much space, and not what is involved for copyright infringement, can act boldly. Once the theme of the site, do not arbitrarily change, first find your competitors, analyze the following what others do, their own learning by doing, don’t dream today website online, tomorrow breakthrough million mark, make a station need to accumulate slowly, it will effect.

4, learning point SEO. Not to let you cheat, here SEO is the most basic knowledge of website optimization, I think this is a novice webmaster should know something, such as the words to determine, I generally do not choose the most hot words, choose a few words, I generally choose 4 >.

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