From the portal to the electricity supplier every family to do the headlines they can become

is suitable for the needs of many people, but not everyone

in China today, you’ve had a hard time getting rid of the headlines". Here is not the Beijing Shanghai airport, subway, public transportation, buildings in the dense look at today’s headlines advertising.

open the latest version of the Tencent news, the first appearance of Tencent is no longer the news of their own writing, but with the "crying halo", "small three" title. Their signature is also the author of the company name, XX micro signal, health class account. Tencent is the last of the four portals to do so.


Tencent news directly after the opening show concern, screenshot date: April 10th

version of the UC browser is almost the same. In the web browser, your finger to the row, the entire screen becomes UC headlines, and all the polymerization of a column down line, always brush up.

if it is not because the page design slightly different, single look at the content, you may be difficult to distinguish between them a few.

headlines not only news sites and browsers. Taobao home page Taobao headlines column, but also in the aggregation of the contents of the third party partners, do shopping guide business. Jingdong, the public comments have their own headlines, even the CMB pocket life, also added a "small trick" headlines.

is the cause of today’s headlines

regardless of the direct use of headlines, or dubbed "express", "hot spot" was established in 2012 today’s headlines, these platforms are to provide a template for later reference.

today’s headlines from the beginning did not edit, but completely rely on technical means to grab media articles. Grab the article according to user clicks, interest and other factors. In 2014, the founder of Zhang Yiming in an interview with the words: others choose to edit the news, we recommend news by the algorithm."

June 2014, the birth of two years today’s headlines to get $100 million financing, valuation reached $500 million, allegedly more than 10 million active users daily.

financing news announced the same period, today’s headlines due to unauthorized grab media articles and besieged. But in the end, the national copyright administration to punishment is a means, the purpose is to regulate the rectification. After today’s headlines mainly through the diversion of cooperation to solve the problem of authorization, and sustained rapid growth.

headlines today claimed that the number of users over 400 million, there is news that its monthly advertising revenue is close to 200 million yuan. Portal news site was dominated by the status of daily reading is gradually being replaced.

portal has been completely headline

in March this year, the Tencent announced the "mangzhong news program", since the media will pull into the Tencent news client.

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