Hundreds of millions of B2C to support the transformation of the business to buy electricity provide

As with Taobao

do shopping business, restructuring business platform can avoid Taobao any pressure, but inevitably, once again now for fellow sufferers, businesses on the face. After the completion of the beautiful and said closed loop ecosystem, has thrown huge sums of money and favorable conditions to attract businesses settled, started the transformation of the shopping guide site electricity supplier’s first shot. However, in the industry view, beautiful and now is not enough strength, competition in the business will not appear in the tragic state of electricity supplier melee. There is a view that the mobile market space is large enough, there is no reciprocal relationship, both in the high-speed growth stage, only need to run forward.

transformation into

carry the "beautiful 100" plan, has been in Guangzhou, Beijing, Shanghai, Wuhan and other places held businesses will meet the beauty thrown 1 billion yuan hatch fast fashion business, "the core goal is to support 100 days of sales over one million yuan of high-quality businesses, fully meet the consumer demand for fast fashion." This is a beautiful said in the transformation of the electricity supplier on the road and a major move, before this, the beauty that has been in the trading platform, payment systems and mobile terminal reserves. In March of this year’s Spring Carnival can be seen as the small scale electricity supplier in the road from a beautiful figures, more than 3000 businesses to participate in the event, 7 days a total turnover of more than 100 million yuan.

with the transformation of the way at the end of the month to throw 500 million yuan business support program, also launched a new brand strategy, the future will be more focus on the core of "buyer" brand, said that because of the reason as everyone knows, will launch a new payment system. In order to meet the new brand positioning, updated the definition of LOGO and product navigation design, Web will give up the traditional form of waterfall flow, in the mobile terminal launched IM platform instant messaging system communication". According to CEO June introduction, which means that the focus of business will shift from the community to the retail sector.

In addition to the beautiful

said,, 800 and pocket shopping shopping guide website is also conducting their own electricity supplier transformation. In the industry view, although facing the oppression forced to make the transition, the strain component is far greater than seeking change, but beautiful and have constructed the transaction closed-loop ecological transformation model has been recognized by the capital in June this year, completed D $200 million round of financing, valuation of $1 billion, which from its announced restructuring only 8 months time.

compete for merchant

throws a series of huge amounts of money so that businesses began to move, the Beijing Daily reporter saw in a Taobao group of small sellers, most sellers of beautiful and overtures to small sellers in the discussion but settled when the only concern the settled preferential policies, but not to make a distinction between settled platform. In fact, in the eyes of consumers, whether it is as a shopping guide website or shopping platform, there is a great beauty and

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