Forbes Chinese network off the domain name jump master station

                May 12th news recently, the netizen to dig shellfish net said, "Forbes" Chinese version after it took over in April Forbes Fosun media, Chinese network has been closed, and the domain name previously used to jump to the United States station. Specific reasons for the closure, there is no accurate information.

previously, in Fosun media ‘s "twenty-first Century economic report" website had Forbes complimentary advertising. In addition, the "twenty-first Century economic report" and a series of media publisher, Shen Hao, the same as "Forbes Chinese" version of the issuer

, according to dig shellfish network understanding, Forbes Chinese version of the previous site’s domain name ( has been owned by the Forbes group. In Fosun media before, "Forbes Chinese" version of the Morningside investment partners group operation this magazine for 6 years.

due to "Forbes" Chinese version to take similar DM distribution methods, mainly through the reader to apply for the issuance of complimentary way, its revenue mainly rely on advertising. According to staff revealed that the Forbes Chinese version of the operating conditions have been steadily rising, like the kind of pull page advertising is sold for two years, and all cash payments. When publishing a number of important lists of activities, the Chinese version of Forbes can also receive a lot of sponsorship fees from sponsoring companies.

and some published magazine, "Forbes" Chinese special edition lies in the reader database management, get a series of data when the readers in the reader’s application for free, they use the customized service to readers, advertisers database, data firmly in their own hands.

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