[original] painted style website promotion way

many novice webmaster for how to increase the search engines to improve site traffic and worried, we are trying to optimize their own website, to each big update faster website posting, although this is useful, but the effect is very poor, but also ready to face is classified as spam and gag, title, dangerous and even IP! Everyone will want to have a quick and efficient method to promote their own website! As a network station on the line near the volute, I take my own experience tell you by sending more, every day as long as 10 minutes, to bring traffic effect than you like junk everywhere post publicity, better dozens of times! We all know that the search engine included more pages, search and access probability is greater in addition to optimize its own website, everywhere! Post outside Fanchon, absolutely is the most effective method. In my own management of the notebook website spiral network, for example, only 2 months on the line, the previous month about IP100, Baidu was included in the page, Google is less than 1000, which has been very distressed. I also made efforts to optimize the SEO, has not been greatly improved. But then by chance in the grassroots webmaster on read a report about network promotion of the article, the second day began in some famous sites, such as everyone, Sina group, a month later, Baidu has included nearly 4000 page scroll, Google 5000 pages, Sogou has fast 2W a page, now visits daily around 3k, which all benefited from the network. Now to share the experience of network promotion.

the first step: find the day’s popular articles, and optimize the title.

this can be on Baidu’s list, see this week’s hot spots. For example, last week’s choking mouth peppers, a lot of people look at her blog, like listening to her music, you can sort out her articles. We are to choke a small pepper songs are sorted out, facilitate the download


for the optimization of the title, according to the content of the article, with the help of SEO keyword tools, sorting out the top 10 keywords, must pay attention to the same word do not appear the 3 time!

the second step in the article insert the contents of the 3, the 4 and your site related keywords, and add the site link. This can increase the site of the chain! Generally do not add a web site links, so the effect is very poor, and it is easy to be advertising. The best is in the middle of the article, do not leave traces of hyperlinks. General can use statistical methods, for example, I often say, according to the statistics of the spiral case, the purchase and use of the largest notebook brand is DELL. You can change the spiral case into your own website. Also, I also often Keywords: Web – volute volute experts around your notebook, the notebook notebook computer review quotation evaluation, notebook forum, notebook driver download books, professional shopping guide on answering volute! Immediately put in order, combination of content, it can increase the chain, the same.

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