On the promotion and optimization of Blog

it was said that the promotion can not be too exposed, this view is to be corrected. Sharing is the best promotion, in particular, we do this peer, we grassroots tourism group. Need others, including peers to understand your site as well as your people. After understanding, to cooperate. For example, the search mission tourism network, now only attractions and travel routes, the other is not to do. Do not because there is no resources, does not mean that do not do. When the flow of our development to a certain stage, it will find the air tickets, hotels and other partners, hanging columns, channel cooperation.  
now the point, blog promotion. Blog promotion is divided into two kinds, one is pure pull flow, the other is to pull the business and do brand.      
to second blog, their efforts to write original things. The goal is to get people to know you or your company through blogs. Blog matrix, which is similar to the site matrix, a lot of related blog links, support each other, so as to get a good ranking. But this need to be careful not to do too much to prevent the K blog. But in general it is rarely K station, which is assured. I generally are 20 following blog Internet, the effect is good. In particular, Baidu space blog between the Internet, because you update a blog, this blog will be in the other blog has a special mark shows, updated blog more new content. To travel, you can set up dozens of different content blog matrix. For example, the matrix between tourist attractions, tourist routes between the blog matrix. Content can be found by Baidu, one day to find about 1000 new travel news.  
if you do the first blog of     it is not necessary to the original. Because of this blog, too much. You can choose to do it, you can do a few fine blog. Other junk blogs. Do outreach more junk blog better. Hi.baidu.com/ Planning Copywriter, is a copy of my blog, six months did not update, but about 100 of the daily visit. Why? Is outreach can also be done. Outreach is a link, just like Links, you can also use the software of   spam . The nine day sword with his dingmeng team, attended the duhugu SEO contest.   as the industry is very cattle SEO team, known as no matter how hot keywords can do. They are participating in the website, access to a lot of outreach is through the blog. Tourism network in the same way, a lot of outreach is obtained from blog. Do blog group and stand group effect is particularly good, but must pay attention to. Currently, the first contest of the tiger Valley contest site, called the tiger Valley SEO Institute, is a Guangzhou company to do. They are done by the station group, Baidu and Google are ranked first  .  

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