Baidu World Congress six innovations to see the concept of light application

A5 webmaster network ( August 23rd news, 2013 Baidu World Congress held in Beijing China hotel. As Chinese Internet industry’s largest technology innovation event, Baidu focused on the conference on the release of the six innovative technology and product initiatives: blockbuster release light application innovation mechanism, 6 edition release of Baidu maps and Baidu browser version 4, for the first time to show the "intimate search" products, free 1T personal cloud storage space open for developers, speech recognition and image recognition technology.

After a year of deep

, Baidu many innovations in the field of mobile become the biggest highlight of this session of the general assembly.

highlights: light application developers to help release into the search distribution blue ocean

The most important content of the

conference is the release of light applications.


currently, developers to develop more and more applications, but the survival of the long tail developers are not optimistic. Baidu chairman and CEO Robin Li believes that in the application store, 99.9% of the long tail application downloads accounted for only about 30% of total downloads. Application store has a fundamental flaw, it is difficult to achieve the effective distribution of the long tail applications.

in the face of these defects, Baidu proposed the solution of light application: search based retrieval and distribution characteristics of intelligent, take no download, which found that the use of the model to solve the needs of mobile users and developers docking problem.

Baidu mainly through the front-end and back-end two aspects to provide support for developers:

in the front, light application of innovative demand and application docking way, can help a large number of long tail applications through Baidu search easy access to users. For example, Baidu mobile search on daily travel related search and delicacy related search respectively have reached millions of magnitude, the field of medical and health related search every day is to reach 10 million, these needs can be achieved through the application of precise docking light application and developer.


backend is open to many kinds of ability, to help developers to develop applications function better and more powerful user experience, the conference on Baidu to open up a variety of techniques to enhance application capabilities, such as positioning, voice input and output, push, call, adjust the camera from sharing comments, etc.. At the same time, light applications also provide mobile advertising, two ways to help pay for the realization of the developer before the business model is very imaginative.

two highlights: Baidu maps in 6 launched the first in the history of the panorama mode

Baidu maps released version 6, the introduction of the first panoramic map, the outdoor and indoor scenes seamlessly connected together to achieve a full mapping of the real world to the mobile internet. It is reported that the first phase of Baidu to support Shenyang, Wuxi and Phoenix panoramic experience, showing a more novel WYSIWYG WYSIWYG roaming mode, >

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