Analysis of the challenges faced by home appliance chain to enter the electricity supplier

saw sales of electricity providers to create a new high, let the sales entity in many lines or sit still, have obvious line channel advantages, but in the Internet competition, without any contribution, it is unbelievable, Suning now entered the high-profile electricity supplier, it is self-evident for the impact of the electricity supplier, but Suning can operate business, but have to face considerable challenges, and these challenges are almost every line entities to enter the field of electricity providers have to break through, the author do a simple analysis.

A: how to solve the problem of online and offline channel price

for home appliance chain industry, the establishment of online shopping mall, it will mean that the country’s commodity prices are the same, and the current line of all kinds of electronic products under the chain stores in different regions of the price is not the same, because the cost of different areas of difference, and the level of local consumers are not the same, the price difference is very obvious


then on the Internet a unified price for different regions of the stores, there may be selling commodities, it is a loss making business, and online store prices generally will be lower than the line store price, so it will cause serious impact on the line of stores.

is the same type of electronic products, other online shopping mall than the price of home appliance chain enterprises line store is much lower, if the home appliance chain is bound to enter the electricity business, its commodity prices and other e-commerce sales level, which can easily lead to a home appliance chain store, online and offline the price difference is huge, with a difference of four hundred or five hundred yuan will become the norm, out of freight, then consumers will choose to buy online.

two: enter the electricity supplier after Decathlon is doing or big department store

in general, to enter the home appliance chain business platform, will take two paths, one is Decathlon online mode, using the channel advantage in the home appliance industry, to create a home appliance store network version, all increased the category, the only restrictions on home appliances, is slightly different, the difference is the new brand online and the speed, so I believe many home appliance chain stores will not choose to go this way.

another way is similar to customer, Jingdong’s electricity supplier of the road, the line channel advantages, gradually the general category of the road, but the road is very obvious where the customer is not easy, CEO once said, where the advantage is the clothing, but when the expansion of life activities, there are very serious problems in the operation, has become the inevitable cost of trial and error.

in the home appliance chain industry to increase life, through electronic business hotel, clothing and other categories, will inevitably encounter customers and Jingdong like pain, if not handled properly, the competitiveness of the electricity supplier will drop, because the current comprehensive categories of business website when you meet the eye everywhere, the line of home appliance channel is no longer the advantage.


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