Defeat Thinking of the traditional enterprise business transformation

March 1st, Suning published results show that the company’s total revenue last year of about 105 billion 430 million yuan, an increase of 7.19%, operating profit of $161 million, down by 94.65%. In 2013, the online business that business revenue is expected to be 21 billion 890 million yuan, Suning online business in the fourth quarter revenue of 5 billion 718 million yuan, only 5 billion 559 million yuan, a slight increase of 2.9% compared to the third quarter. Look at their old rival Gome data, in March 20th the United States issued a report that in 2013 the United States listed the company achieved sales revenue of about RMB (below) 56 billion 401 million yuan, an increase of 10.4%, the high level group consolidated gross margin return of 18.4%, more than the industry average.

comparison of two corporate earnings, Suning performance can not help but boo, the same as a pioneer of traditional retail business transformation, why Waterloo suffered internal hidden behind this? It is worth all the traditional industries in the reflection of the transformation of the electricity supplier, because Suning Electric Road reflected the problem, is the traditional industry transformation of the electricity supplier collective dilemma.

electricity supplier is a new sales channel. Today, many traditional enterprises in the electricity supplier, the electricity supplier as often to clean up their own inventory to reduce the cost of the freight yard, and the high point of the practice is to do business as a new sales channel. As everyone knows, the essence of the electricity supplier is the Internet business. If we take the time to pull back to the line before 2014 to 2000 as a starting point, will find that with the Internet economy from the edge to the center, the consumption habits of consumers is to deconstruct the role from passive response, the consumption of the industrial age to the decision makers for product quality requirements more stringent, more sensitive to the price, this is consumer awareness the awakening of the performance. The result is forced traditional industries must be from production to the whole process of the supply chain sales promotion, the consumer centric business philosophy into their business system, which is the real value of the electricity supplier.


offline resources shots. Traditional companies do electricity providers often online channels are very strong, the number of resources hanging on the mouth. For example, with the fiery O2O, there is a 3C digital business executives also said to do O2O electronic business platform. When asked where the advantage, the other 3000 3C store partners in the country, can be imported under the line of traffic line. This is a very typical traditional business do electricity supplier thinking. Why is there no precedent for successful transformation of traditional electricity providers do business, why the main domestic electricity supplier platform are emerging Internet startups

if the electricity supplier is grafted on the branches of the original traditional business, then it is always flowing on the body of the blood of traditional enterprises, it can not be expected to bear a different fruit. The traditional business enterprise is under the online space, brand, supply chain and industrial chain, the number of stores are all advantages, but to the Internet, play is completely different, there is no concept of space, business is the Internet > off

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