Bid farewell to 2015 the nternet banking industry in 2016 will usher in the top three trends

is near the end of 2015, the State Council Legislative Affairs Office published the "Interim Measures for business activity management network credit information agency (Draft)" (hereinafter referred to as the "measures") promulgated, the central bank also issued a "non bank payment institutions online payment service management approach", plus prior to July of this year, the central bank and other ten ministries jointly issued on the "guidance" to promote the healthy development of Internet banking, the two major measures and a guidance issued, not only means the beginning of Internet financial regulatory policy landing, but also indicates that in 2016, the Internet banking industry will once again usher in a reshuffle.

farewell in 2015, stand on the platform has three characteristics

back in 2015, this is a major reshuffle of the industry of the year, the Internet financial industry platform collapse It is often seen. which in addition to the factors, strengthen government supervision outside, more is the platform itself shall not live, especially E rent treasure events, not only is the industry reshuffle performance. Is the beginning of the real sector to the healthy and orderly development, and be able to survive in the fierce shuffle, but also the development platform, basically meet the following three characteristics:

first, not simply rely on High-yield attract users, but product innovation driven platform. In fact, the collapse of the Internet banking platform to run away to play away in the past few years, basically only by high return to attract users to register and investment, rather than through the introduction of innovative Internet financial products to drive development platform. This is after the development laid great dangers, once the subsequent investors failed to enter the promised high returns can not be achieved, the platform will face the fate of collapse, which is obviously not true national advocate of the Internet financial games. According to the current state of Internet financial regulatory measures and guidance, the government hopes that these emerging Internet financial platform with genuine financial innovation, stimulate consumption, stimulate the vitality of the industry. Jiu Fu as an example, this is a company in the past year to "toss" Internet financial products, the one and only introduced many innovative products, such as cooperation and marriage Jiayuan launched financial products, such as film and "heaven" to launch the one hundred piece of large investor consumer financial products etc.. These products have a common characteristic, that is enough innovation and are small transactions, and the ability to accurately cover the potential consumer groups, which makes the risk control platform, which can completely prevent the occurrence of a run, the problem of funding strand breaks.

second, the platform is stable, anti risk ability of the platform. The Internet financial platform of primary common resistance ability is weak, does not establish the perfect control system of the wind, then through high yields to attract consumer investment, which leads to the platform without any anti risk ability, once the user has the large-scale run on the platform without any response capabilities, and finally had to run away. In fact, the Internet banking industry is a relatively high barriers to entry in the field of entrepreneurship, the current comparison in the industry >

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