How to evaluate the Japanese copy

copy of the Japanese is really good, just to see a word – we are very ordinary, but we in each other’s eyes sparkling".

here, want to share to everyone.

Japanese novels, dramas, and advertising copy, are not compelled to take heart, full of "ordinary" tolerance and understanding of "defect".

they understand "cruel truth of life, but still in desperate efforts of happiness — this is the ordinary people, ordinary things, ordinary feelings, we can move each ordinary place.

the Volkswagen brand, in essence, are sold to ordinary people.

is the ordinary people have become a star or a great figure of fantasy, also occasionally have chicken, and could not help but when the keyboard man after all, ordinary people or ordinary people.

can move ordinary people, may not be those big story, but ordinary people’s ordinary life, ordinary story. Even the gossip is ah, celebrity gossip than others gossip, let us dream.

then you will ask, from the marketing point of view, the story of ordinary people do not write, emotional shock, no tension ah, how to do?

I guess it: Japanese is a skill, is with double perspective — from the perspective of God [] + individual perspective, writing together.


God is perspective, talking, suddenly exposed to the hard truth.

If the

from the perspective of God, we every day, or in our ordinary world, love a person, a little hard we actually did not imagine so chicken to live, live ordinary even Guadan life – this is the copy of the first half of the sentence "we are very ordinary" perspective.


but if the perspective of God is switched to the perspective of our own individual, it is full of warmth and idealism.

in this world on the two of us, ah, "we are in the eyes of each other sparkling ah!" is how to see you, how cute.

in fact, the double perspective [Japanese] so profound drama meet the eye everywhere, is much higher than that of korean. The drama is full of individual perspective, the whole world is just handsome are straight, just love me…….

objective, the Korean national history of their own state of mind, is full of individual perspective, even Confucius are korean. However, the history of the Japanese nation itself, more emphasis on the perspective of God, but this kind of God perspective is strange. This is a complex historical and cultural content, there is no time to break it again.

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