Wu Feng talk about the blog to build their own website promotion

previously has been the use of the building of the blog to promote their site promotion, before read some related articles, I’m anxious, too rough, see a few hold to roll up their sleeves open dry, the recent harvest, with the words of their predecessors and promotion experience, experience sharing blog the group built and a large group of promotion.

What is the

blog group built? Blog group built the popular point that is in the major portals batch to create a blog, write soft text reproduced or master articles, and various blogs and mutual Links, eventually to enhance the popularity of the site, increase the chain, improve the flow of the target. The blog group built a blog promotion is not registered on the end, these blogs need support, need to update the article every day, insist. A lot of friends may have some misunderstanding, that the blog group built to promote the effect of faster, and you say it, just to create a blog effect will not immediately highlight the need for a large number of articles and the accumulation of long-term adherence.

select blog platform

now feel is a site to provide the last blog, chat with a friend, he said one of his friends manages more than and 200 blog, then feel good exaggeration ah, is not surprised by his powerful, but in the end he surprised to find so many blogging platforms where he established a blog in a the platform, don’t ask. The following is Daniel recommended blog platform: Sina, Sohu, NetEase, QQ, Baidu, YAHOO, bokee.com, China blog, Google, and DoNews, and, in the UB wing, china.com, gold online, the remotest corners of the globe community, blog bus, network, mop.com, Allen, crooked yo2, Csdn, MSN space, MySpace blog 19, building 51, bokee.com, Yoho, TOM, CCTV, blog blog blog, blog, University of Western powers, the river space blog.

choose the blog platform can not be blind, according to the location of your site, user groups and then choose. For example, your site is located in the IT industry, then in the techweb, DoNews, Ai Rui network, such as the establishment of columns should be a good choice. If your site involves a wide range of content, you can go to register Sina, Sohu blog and NetEase portal blog. If in a hospital website, go gold online blog set up, they are financial portal ah, can not say that there is no effect, but had little effect, do not spend much more time fishing, only a few users to drum up support. Reminder, such as Sina, Sohu blog and NetEase, such as the portal for most of the site’s promotion, because they have a wide range of users, what people want to portal.

Google is now gone, leaving a Baidu show, Baidu will certainly take care of their own products, Baidu space weight in Baidu search, Baidu spider grab article is effective is inevitable, relative to other blog ranking first in front, deficiencies included slightly slower. Sina and the end of the world, if published original articles, included is very fast, usually a few minutes will be included, although

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