How to promote the old site two

we all know that after the completion of the new site is the first to face the promotion of the site. For the new station is simply to promote the search engine, exchange links, etc.. Believe that the webmaster friends are very familiar with, here I don’t have to repeat.

I want to here and new friends (veteran move) talk about promotion website. The old there is a Chinese business network on hand ( [Note: this link should be the need of content, please edit the show] is not considered, a new station. The search engine also included, similar sites have done a lot, but is lackluster, Chinese entrepreneurs network is facing a two venture, two promotion website is in front of me, I have no way to retreat.

first, for search engines. I analyzed the sources of traffic to the site, although the station is my search engine contains many pages, but the keyword matching is not good, the main reason is that the original article is not much, just started doing stand, as soon as possible in order to fill up the contents, copying others and can hardly be avoided, in view of this situation, I thought in the article, through increase the quantity and quality of the articles, get more traffic from search engines. 1, through the Baidu index, YAHOO vane to find out about the popular keywords of entrepreneurship, and search related articles. 2, for these popular keywords, according to their own life experience to write some articles, these are the original article, more popular by the search engine. 3, if some words not their own original articles do? It can collect some of the others to write the article, according to the effect of several articles, expressed in their own words, this should be called "pseudo original", this "pseudo original" by search engine spiders is simply unable to discern. My station yesterday from search engines over more than and 500 IP, mainly due to a few key words.

then, for this post and the forum. I to post Baidu about the large number of post, every day to send more than 5 articles, pay attention to hair when not light AD, even AD to the artistic point in Baidu know answer a lot of questions about entrepreneurship, then leave their links in resources. My station every day from the post and know there are more than and 100 IP.

again, soft Wen promotion. For entrepreneurial sites and other types of Web site to write some targeted soft. First of all, the content should be soft, and at the same time to combine the specific content of a variety of sites for the soft text in the promotion of the site at the same time should give the reader a little inspiration and experience to share, or it will become an ad. This is the Chinese business network for the webmaster of a soft Wen, if you have been in front of the link, thank you for your contribution to a IP, if you do not have a point, it does not hurry up, thank you. The webmaster web of this article, if the editor did not remove the link to the front, I estimate that 500IP should not be a problem, if removed, 200IP can still be, although these IP

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